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10 June 2021

It's June and all over Davis there are signs of graduations.  Signs that say Congratulations Class of 2021, signs that are personalized, signs for different schools.  In this family it was Sasha's graduation.

Sasha is Marta's stepsister's youngest daughter, and was graduating from high school.  Ned went to the outdoor ceremony and we were all invited to the luncheon afterwards.

Sasha (right) and her mother

What an interesting selection of foods they had,.

In addition to fruit, fresh and dried (where can you buy dried raspberries??) and quiches they had little individual pizzas and individual cheesecakes that were delicious.

There weren't a lot of us  there, and those that were there I hadn't seen in over a year and didn't recognize a couple of them.  We enjoyed sitting with Sasha's grandparents, with whom we had traveled to Russia in 2010.  We hadn't exactly traveled with them, but we were all on river cruises and their ship was a day ahead of us, but got delayed and so our two ships parked together and to get from their ship to shore, they had to walk through our ship.  We had lunch together on our ship.

Sasha's younger brother had everyone help him fill out a MadLibs, each person giving him a word to include in the story he would later read.

It reminded me of our trip to China, when we visited a school and went into a classroom. It was one of the things I was most looking forward to.  Each child in the class was to choose one of us to sit with and everybody was chosen but me.  Kids came up to me, looked at me, and chose someone else.  It was so painful I left the classroom in tears.  Charlie asked everyone for words, some he asked twice, but he didn't ask me.  Kids don't like fat people.

Ned had worked for days on a slide show about Sasha to show at the lunch.  That's pretty much most of what he did after they got home from Hawaii.  He had it almost finished and then the night before graduation, he worked four hours on getting the finale just perfect.  As he was adding the last photo, his computer crashed and he lost everything.  Fortunately, he had saved it all up until the last four hours, so he at least had a show to bring, but he was very disappointed that it didn't end the way he wanted it to.  I haven't seen it yet...decided I'd get a private showing at home.

They had put up a Central Perk  sign on the garage for everyone to have their photo taken.

We were home in time for my afternoon nap.  A nice family gathering.




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