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3 June 2021

My plan had been to get my hair cut before Jeri got here.  Salons were just opening up again and I decided that rather than go to Supercuts, where I always have my hair cut, I would splurge on a "real" salon.

I asked for suggestions of places to go and based on that, made an appointment, which was rescheduled because of the wind (I guess they were cutting hair outside). 

Then Jeri said that she was going to have her hair cut when she was here and that Phil had a friend who was a cutter at a different place, so I canceled my appointment and decided Jeri and I could go and get our hair cut together.

But when Jeri called to make an appointment, Phil's friend was not working for the moment, and so we could not get an appointment.

After 3 weeks, she went home without a hair cut and I woke up every morning groaning at how bad my hair was getting.

I was trying to decide where I was going to make an appointment when Ned's best friend Greg recommended Kyle, at the E Street Salon.

I'd forgotten what it was like at a "real" beauty salon.  (Kyle's hair now is a brilliant pink).  I never have the same cutter at Supercuts, , and they are so quick to cut your hair, you never chat (many of them don't speak English fluently) and you're in and out quickly.

Kyle was so conscientious about the cut, going over and over to make sure that everything was right. 

We had a nice chat too.  He asked how I knew Greg and I told him about his friendship with Ned.  I also told him the story of Greg's wedding, which few people probably know.  Paul performed the ceremony, with one of those one-day minister's licenses.  Only when he got the license, they discovered that it was valid in every county in California except the county where Greg & Kendra were being married.  So they drove to a strip mall in the next county and Paul "married" them in the parking lot and then they went to where the wedding was to be and he married them again for the guests.

I was very pleased to get rid of all that hair.

Kyle told me that if the bangs got too long, I could come back in and he would trim them at no charge. 

It was considerably more expensive than Supercuts, but such a lovely hour that I think I will go back to E Street when it's time to get a cut again.


Out other granddog, Lester

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