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2 June 2021

Apparently today is national barefoot day.

Someone apparently decided to make a day "barefoot day" to encourage people to support charities that strive to provide underprivileged children with shoes.   We underestimate the difference a usable pair of shoes can make for someone who doesn’t have any. Many people are unable to go to work or school only because they don’t own shoes. Donating shoes will not only help solve this problem but also prevent your shoes from simply ending up in landfills.

Since the inception of this cause, there has been unprecedented and overwhelming support with over 40.5 million pairs of shoes being donated across the world. People are encouraged to help and bring about joy in someone else’s life through the simple act of donating a pair of shoes.

It was also an opportunity to enjoy the feeling of walking around barefoot.

I never needed to have a reason to go barefoot.  I have been a barefoot person for most of my life.  Now I don't go barefoot, but have socks on all the time.  It feels funny when I am not wearing socks.  I wear socks all the time, even with sandals.

The web site for today has some interesting facts about feet.

  • The first women's boots were made for Queen Victoria  in 1837

  • In 1853, the "lasting machine" was invented that can produce 700 pairs of shoes a day, making footwear accessible to everyone.

  • The term "sneaker" was created in 1887 since it was noticed that this type of shoe doesn't make any noise.

  • There are no laws anywhere that prevent someone from going barefoot in public.

  • Walking barefoot most of the time can increase the width of the foot, which is why I can't buy shoes anywhere any more!

  • Other benefits of walking barefoot include: better control of your foot position when it strikes the ground. improvements in balance, proprioception, and body awareness, which can help with pain relief. better foot mechanics, which can lead to improved mechanics of the hips, knees, and core. [FWIW, if this is true, why is my balance so bad and why do my hips, knees and core ache all the time?]

  • A doctor warns that walking barefoot can cause athlete's foot, plantar fasciitis and nail fungus.

  • In Europe 4 centuries ago upper class people wore 6" heels to signify their status (I can't even walk in 1" heels.  I can't imagine walking in 6")

  • Neil Armstrong’s shoes worn on the moon are floating somewhere in space as he discarded them fearing they would carry contaminated particles.

  • The largest pair of shoes was made in Marikina City, the Philippines, and is 17 feet long and 8 feet wide.  (I wonder if they have 6" heels)

I must have been a huge disappointment to my mother, who loves shoes.  When we moved her to Davis, she had something like 40 pairs of shoes, most of which she bought at the second hand store where she volunteered.  After people died, their relatives would donate their clothes and shoes and my mother bought a lot of shoes.  I can't stand the idea of wearing someone else's shoes.  When I was a kid, taking me to go shoe shopping was as pleasant as taking me to the dentist.  I hated it.

(Ironically, she didn't want to take her shoes with her to Atria and during the 3 years she lived there she lost all of the ones that we did bring.  She would wear them somewhere, take them off, leave them, and never find them again.  When she moved to Eldervilla, I had to buy her shoes because she didn't have a single pair, and nobody at Atria cared to find them.)

I can't remember the last time I went shoe shopping.  It might have been in Australia in 2003.  I own about six pairs of shoes and never wear any of them except Birkenstocks.  I wear Birkenstocks with socks even in the rain.  I even wear Birkenstocks and socks to the theater.

I should donate the rest of my shoes in honor of National Barefoot day.



Lacie is finally interested in softball.
Here she is batting.

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