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1 June 2021

Bouncer is home.

When Ned left he knew Jeri would be returning to Boston before he and Marta got back from Hawaii, so he made arrangements for Bouncer to go to Jessica's house so Walt and I would not have to deal with her going up and down stairs.  She has stayed at Jessa's in the past and knows her well.

Jeri got her all packed up before she left and Jessica came 2 days later to take her to her house.  We got along fine with her after Jeri left, and just didn't let her go upstairs.  Her legs are 14 years old and don't do stairs all that well.  Ned made a sling to put around her backside to help her up and down the stairs.  He knew I didn't do stairs either and didn't Walt to have to deal with Bouncer on the stairs.

Jessica came and picked her up and filled the car with food, bed, leash, treats, etc.

Bouncer happily got into Jessica's car and off they went. 

This morning I got a text from Jessica saying that she might have to bring Bouncer back.  She was not getting along with Jessica's dog and 2 cats, though she had gotten along with them before.

An hour or so later, came another text saying that yes, Bouncer had to come back.

When she arrived home, she seemed very happy and right away got into her bed and rolled around on her back, then settled down, looking very content.

Though she and Polly don't play together (two grumpy old ladies), they do go outside together and pee together.  All afternoon the two of them went in and out of the dog door together and I think Polly was happy to have her back home. The two of them slept together wherever I was sleeping, moving from family room to living room and back again whenever I did.

Today is Memorial Day and so...no mail...no regular TV programs, etc., but so nice that STARZ ran Season  5 of Outlander, probably because today was World Outlander day.

I started a new puzzle and sat there working the puzzle through 12 episodes of the show.  It wasn't a Memorial day picnic and I had no potato salad, but it was a good way to spend the day.



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