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29 July 2021

I have never been a big sports person.  I enjoy watching a game of baseball or football with other people (especially watching a 49er game with Tom!) but I've never been someone who would turn on any sporting game to watch by myself.  Unless it's horse racing, and then I feel guilty since I have learned in the past few years about the horrible things that happen to race horses.  But I do love watching the horses.

And I love the Olympics.  I don't follow any team or any person but I just enjoy the pagentry, learning new games, and just watching everybody competing.

I know how soccer is played, but I never realized what a beautiful game it is until I watched Mexico v. Russia a couple of days ago.  And when I watch soccer, I think of what wimps our football players are.  Here's a 49er:

From top to bottom -- helmet, face mask, mouth protector, shoulder padding, gloves, padding for thighs and knees, and I don't know what else.  Here is a soccer player:

T-shirt, shorts, and long stockings.  That's it.

The soccer games is 90 minutes long without a commercial break, without changing teams (the 11 members who start are the 11 members who finish and if one is injured, the team plays with 10 members), there's no offense and defense, just "a" team.  There's no time out to get help from the coach, the team is just moving the entire 90 minutes, unless there's an injury.

This is not to say that football players are mollycoddled, but I somehow think a football player would collapse before the middle of a soccer game.

...and then there's rugby....




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