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28 July 2021

I was watching TV by 6 a.m. yesterday morning to see the testimony of the four police officers before the January 6 commission.  It was riveting, heartbreaking and, in some cases, tear jerking.  Not only me, but the officers themselves (and one senator). 

Capitol Police Officer Aquilino Gonell recalls thinking
he was going to be killed

I don't know where they are going to go from here but I wonder what the reaction will be to the Republicans who refuse to be part of the commission and who downplay the whole incident, particularly Officer Fanone, who was visibly angry at the Republicans who downplay what they went through trying to keep the congress people safe. He pounded the desk and called deniers of the insurrection "disgraceful."  "I remember guys chanting, 'Kill him with his own gun,' "

It will be several weeks, after their August vacation, while the committee digests the things they heard today and decides where to go from here.  I sincerely hope the Republicans (except Cheney and Kinzinger) have done significant damage to their reputation by their statements about the investigation.

I was glued to the TV and didn't move for four hours as I listened to the statements, and shed my own tears in spots.

Then, the day ended and MSNBC came on with the report that Simone Biles has pulled out of the gymnastic team competition.  I've noticed that she hasn't performed well the night before (though she stilll got the high scores) and wondered what was wrong.

She says she feels fine physically but wasn't "in the right head space."  Whether she returns for individual competition is unknown at this point.  I'm not surprised...she has such pressure on her, being "the" reigning Olympian.  She says she "doesn't trust herself as she used to."





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