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26 July 2021

I woke up at my usual 3 a.m. and came to the recliner, settled myself in, and picked up my phone to check for messages.  The phone would start to turn on, but as soon as I tried to enter my password, it shut down,  I tried several times and could not get the phone to turn on.

I've been having problems with the phone for some time, but not bad enough to spend the money to get a new one.  But this seemed like a good excuse to get a new phone. 

We were planning to drive down to the Verizon store when Audra showed up with her 3 kids.  Audra was Paul's wife and it's always painful to see her as a mother because those should have been Paul's kids.  But it was good to see her, however briefly.

I would have taken a photo of her, but, of course, my phone was not working!

We drove to Verizon and found that it is opened every day ... except that day.  So we had to find another store and did.  We were there for a couple of hours, it seems, getting things organized.

My new phone is red, but you can only notice it if you look at the back of the holder it's in.

I discovered that the very dirty screen I've been dealing with for a year was easily cleaned by removing it from the holder, which I didn't think could be done.  So now I have a clean screen again.

Everything was transferred from my old phone to the new one, which took about half an hour.  I don't think of myself as being addicted to my phone, but I realized that what I normally do when having to wait somewhere is to read a book ... and my books are all on the Kindle app of my phone, so I had nothing to do but sit and watch the comings and goings of the people in the shop.

This woman was particularly interesting (I took her photo after my new phone was set up).

While I was talking with the clerk at Verizon, I had  a call from Kaiser, needing information about my mother so they could set up home health care.  I explained that I was in the middle of a transaction and asked if she could call back in an hour.  She never did, so I don't know what the deal was and if she was able to get the information from Sandy.

Sandy called in the afternoon to give me an update on my mother.  We didn't get into the home health care, but apparently there are still problems with her leg and she is going back to the orthopedist this morning.  Sandy had a lot of trouble getting any information from Kaiser and is very upset about it.!

We talked about her in general and he says he gives he about six months to a year.  He says that she has started to forget how to eat, a common thing as dementia progresses, and that this is what eventually killed the last resident at Eldervilla a few months ago.  Their body forgets how to eat, which means you can't get any food or liquid down them.  I know she would hate to be tube fed.  We discussed that years ago. 



I tested out the camera on my new phone


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