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23 July 2021

My mother is from a family of 10

Her oldest sister was pregnant at the same time that my grandmother was pregnant with my mother, so if he had lived, I would have a cousin my mother's age (but he was killed by an automobile when he was 5). 

With all those aunts and uncles, it's not surprising that I have 32 cousins. It's also not surprising that I have not met them all.  My father didn't really like my mother's family, so we were only close to two of my aunts and so I grew up knowing only 4 of  them well.

this is me, Kelly, Peach, Kathy and Mandy.  Kelly and Kathy were sisters; Peach ahd Mandy were sisters.  I hardly knew Kelly and Mandy, but Peach and Kathy and I were good friends. Kathy died of COPD and Peach died of cancer.  I still miss them today. 

We've had family reunions where I met cousins I'd never met before and there is a family group site on Facebook where we can keep in touch, but there are only two or three of us who actually post much on it.

A few cousins have died, and at least one cousin, who was my age and a friend when we were growing up, has turned away from the family because her mother didn't like us.  I don't have any information about her at all.  Given how many cousins there are I suppose it's surprising that there is only one who has turned away.

There are a lot of weird stories about some of my cousins.  Shirley was the oddest one, I guess, at least of the cousins I know.  She was occasionally my babysitter when my sister and I were little.  She married and had 4 daughters, each of whom have a name that starts with D.  I'm not sure when the divorce happened, but she got into drugs and led a very "interesting" life for many years, including marrying another of our cousins.  She ended up getting sober and becoming a nurse.  She was into all sorts of things like drum circles and was close to Native Americans.

This is the same group of cousins, with Shirley added.

I've been thinking about my cousins today because today is officially Cousins Day and because I just came across an obituary for my cousin Clancy (David), who died in 2011, riding a motorcycle 

He was a cowboy biker who could compel an audience with a tale told in multiple dialects. He was a big game hunter who guided fellow travelers across the treacherous plains of Zimbabwe. And though a passionate orator and fierce hunter, Clancy was a gentle giant.

Not sure how I felt about having a cousin who was a big game hunter.  But I did love this story from his obituary:

The children’s’ favorite pastime was to play with Sailcat, a mummified feral cat. We found it in the barn one day, sandwiched between some hay bales, and it was flat as a pancake,” Dennis said. “I’m not absolutely certain how it met its demise, but we played with Sailcat for years. It’d pop up when you least expected,” he said, chuckling at the morbid entertainment.

Anyway, I'm thinking about my cousins today and wanted to wish them all a Happy Cousins Day.




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