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22 July 2021

They had to send my mother back to Kaiser because the cast they had put on her was too tight and was causing some skin irritation around the edges.

Instead they have put her in a boot.  This is the kind of thing she has, in the past, taken off, but I think that for one thing she's used to wearing something on her leg, and I don't think she can get into a position where she remove it even if she wanted to.  Plus, now that she is more or less bedridden, she is getting more attention, as they check on her frequently. 

I guess that she has responded to the medication for the virus they discovered when she was in the hospital.  I haven't heard anything more about that.

We have to make sure she stays well and healthy for another month so she can celebrate her 102nd birthday.  Gee, I wish she could understand how long she has lived and what a big deal it is for her to reach 102, but she won't.  It will just be another day, with a cake.

I've spent a lot of time looking through old files on my WordPerfect folder.  So many!  Going back many years.  I came across this bucket list, written in 2010, which I thought interesting.  I'd forgotten all of those wishes.

1. Spend a week in the South of France in the springtime
2. Take the train across the Canadian Rockies
3. Cruise the inland passage in Alaska
4. Taste stone crabs in Florida
5. Visit the Sheldrick Elephant Rehabilitation Center in Africa
6. Re-visit all of our �special ones� in all the countries where they live.
7. Have a theater orgy in New York
8. Ride a carriage through Central Park
9. See all the movies first run in a theater
10. Visit Iguacu Falls

Taking the train across the Canadian Rockies has been on my bucket list since our honeymoon, when we were driving around in the Canadian Rockies.

We actually did plan to spend time (not a week) in the South of France, but that was when Mike died and we never got there.  But spending a week in one place in the south of France still sounds like a wonderful idea.  I've always wanted to love Paris, but have been there three times and just don't. 

I remember seeing pictures of stone crabs and that became something that I had to taste in my lifetime.  Probably will never have them, since I have no desire to go to Florida.

The "special ones" on my list are the foreign students who stayed with us during the ten years when we hosted people and who remained close friends after they returned to their countries.  Now I have lost contact with most of them, even Eduardo, who was responsible for our hosting 70 foreign students over the years!  I still hear from Nelson in Brasil frequently and Sonia, also from Brasil, now lives in Napa married to an American.  And of course there is Marie, who owns a restaurant just outside Sacramento and whom I follow on Facebook.  I have contact with a few others on Facebook, but visiting the "special ones" today would take a lot less time than it would have in 2010.  I don't have a clue how to even look for our girls from Japan.

It's funny how whenever we are in London we have a theater orgy, but we never have in New York.  We never go to the big theaters, but do the off Broadway things.  I wonder if that's because when you are paying in "pounds" rather than "dollars" it doesn't seem so expensive!

I'll never get to Iguacu falls, which spans Brasil and Argentina, but the photos are gorgeous.

Kinda makes Niagara look puny.

It's pretty fair to say that while I love all those bucket list dreams, it's time to make a new bucket list.  I'll never do any of the things on this list.



A hospital dresses its babies in Wizard of Oz costumes!

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