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20 July 2021

Ned and Marta got home from Tahoe very early, since Marta had a meeting she had to attend.  Reports are that they had a nice, relaxing weekend at the condo.  But most important was that since they recently bought a new computer, they were given a free 3 months of Apple plus and they had discovered Ted Lasso.

 I had seen mentions of the show on Facebook but since we don't get Apple plus, I hadn't paid much attention to it. 

There was only one season of Ted Lasso but it had won 12 Emmys and was scheduled for a second season.  Ned said he and Marta had watched all 10 episodes and he thought I might like it.

Jason Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, a small-time college football coach from Kansas hired to coach a professional soccer team in England, despite having no experience coaching soccer.  The owner of the team, who won ownership in a divorce, wants the team to lose because it will hurt her ex-husband.  But over the 10 episodes of Season 1, Ted manages to learn soccer and his character is so engaging that he turns around a lot of the attitudes of the players and management.

I knew when I watched the first episode that I would binge it.  It's only 30 minutes, so binge-ing is easy and I managed to watch it all by 9 p.m.

Best thing about falling in love with this show is that it was been renewed for a second season...which starts July 23, so we don't have any long wait to find out what happens next.

With our temporary period of Apple Plus, it meant that I could also watch Schmigadoon, which Jeri had recommended. 

A couple, Melissa and Josh, go on a backpacking trip in an attempt to patch up their failing relationship, only to find themselves still arguing. They then discover a magical town called Schmigadoon, and slowly realize that they cannot leave until they find true love. The title and concept is a parody of the 1947 musical Brigadoon.

I started watching it last night, but after a day of Ted Lasso I was very sleepy and couldn't get into it.  However, I will watch it today.  The overture alone is great, a salute to all of the famous Hollywood musicals.

It has Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenowith, both of whom I like.

It looks like it will be a lot of fun.

After dinner Ned was saying that they also watched some old Saturday Night Live episodes and they found the Anal Retentive Chef from 2013.  He knew I would like it because it would remind me of cooking with him.  He was so right.




The old days when we bought food in bulk!


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