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16 July 2021

I don't know if the squirrels have found a cool place to be during these hot days, or if they have died.  There is only one squirrel who is showing up around the house these days.  This is one who does not beg at the door, who knows there is food around so checks it out, but won't take peanuts out of your hands.  He loves to take apricots off of the table but won't come hear the house.

I bought a small squash yesterday and cut it in half to put out today.  I am remembering how the last two squirrels who were here all the time would literally wallow in the squash and polish off half of the vegetable in 2 days or less.  One of them would lie down across the squash and just kind of eat his way from one end of the squash to the other.

This squirrel was obviously interested in the squash but spent a long time just sniffing in the direction of the squash and gently touching it.  When it moved ever so slightly, he ran away into the tree, then came back again.  I don't actually know if he took a bite out of it or not, but it has been sitting on the table outside and nobody has come to eat it.

The weather is still in the 90s and going into the 100s over the weekend, so I don't know when it will be cool enough that we might possibly see "our" squirrels again.  I hope they have not died....or been killed.

Walt and I went to the supermarket yesterday to load up on food I can cook while Ned and Marta are taking a few days to relax at the condo at Lake Tahoe.  It's been so long since I've been to the supermarket that there are all sorts of new things I have not seen before and it's an adventure just looking at the new arrangement of the store and seeing what fun things I can try.  It will be a few weeks before I need to replenish or buy additional main dishes.  And Walt and I are looking forward to having lamb chops tonight.  Marta doesn't like lamb so the only time I buy anything with lamb in it is when they are going to be gone for a few days.

Nugget Supermarket is a relatively large supermarket and is so long between my own trips to the store (Ned and Walt doing all the shopping), that I am exhausted by the time I've gone through half of the store.  The last time I went with Ned, I left him to buy the groceries while I hobbled outside to sit down at one of the tables on the patio.  They used to have chairs at tables inside Nugget, but not since COVID came along.  I did find out yesterday that if I ask a clerk she will go and get a chair for me.  I feel like a real cripple sometimes.  And I woke up this morning feeling as sore as if I'd been on a hike.

I've gotten addicted to The Mole, which was just released on Netflix in June.

The series is a reality competition in which the contestants work as a group to add money to a pot that only one of them will eventually win. Among the contestants is one person who has secretly been designated "the Mole" by the producers and is tasked with sabotaging the group's money-making efforts. At the end of each episode, the contestant who knows the least about the mole, as determined by the results of a multiple-choice quiz, is eliminated from the game. The last contestant standing wins the game and all of the money in the pot.

The series was first hosted by news reporter Anderson Cooper; for the third season, Ahmad Rashād replaced Cooper, and Rashād was in turn replaced by Jon Kelley for the fifth season. The third and fourth seasons featured celebrity contestants instead of average citizens. It won an Emmy in 2004.

Sadly, Netflix is only offering two seasons but maybe that's good because I do love the interaction between Anderson Cooper and the contestants and wonder how Rashad would be.  What's interesting about the show is that the point is to find out who is the mole who is trying to sabotage the other contestants.....and even Anderson Cooper doesn't know who the mole is before the last couple of episodes.

I find that I sit down to watch one episode and end up watching  2 or 3 because my attention is so riveted.  I recommend checking it out. 



Jeri playing a giraffe in Sunshins Children's Theater


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