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15 July 2021

My mother was the kind of gardener who could take a dry stick and make it come back to life and bloom.  I am the kind of gardener who can take a luscious, healthy plant and kill it in a matter of weeks. 

I did have some house plants that managed to live for a couple of years, but eventually they all died and I replaced them with fake plants.

When Gilbert died, he had a violet plant in his house.  I took it home to try to keep it alive.  Violets are difficult to grow.  My mother had gorgeous violet plants.  After I moved everything out of Gilbert's house (I bought the contents of the house because his family didn't want anything and I knew he would not have wanted it all to be sold at some sort of public auction), I told him that if he felt I had done well by taking care of all of his things, he could show me by keeping the plant alive.  It never flourished but it stayed alive and even produced one blossom.

I always took the plant's continuing life as a message from Gilbert.  A year after he died, the blossom opened, and then it and the plant died too.  Gilbert was telling me it was time to move on.

Today I went to the dentist.  For many years, my hygienist was Christina.  Then one day she wasn't there and they told me she had given birth...I hadn't even noticed she was pregnant. The next time I went, she wasn't there because of the coronavirus.  She didn't want to be in the office and risk taking the virus home to her daughter.  I've had three visits with someone who was not Christina. 

Today I was called in by someone who said she hadn't seen me in a while.  I realized that in all the years I'd been going to her, I had never seen Christina without a mask and so I didn't know if this was her or not.  We had lovely chats throughout my appointment and I was never sure if it was Christina or not until I was getting ready to leave and asked how everything was in her life and she said that the baby was 2 years old now...I still don't know what she looks like, but it's nice to have Christina again!

After the appointment, Walt and I went to CVS so I could get my new passport photo.  In truth, I don't imagine myself traveling abroad again, but I need to have an updated passport "in case."  When I went to have my photo taken, the guy told me to take off my glasses.  I'd never had a passport without glasses, but he said that I had to take them off.  Then I smiled and he told me I couldn't smile.  So this is my new passport photo.

Now I know I'm not going to travel any more.  I don't want anybody to see this terrible picture!




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