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13 July 2021

First the news of my mother.  The doctor called today and said that the meds were helping and they were sending her home.  She was in the hospital for 3 days and is recovering, so we'll see how she does once she's back at Eldervilla.

Second, I spoke too soon yesterday..  Two delivery guys came toward the end of the afternoon and each took a bottle of cold water.  Ned has lots of ice in the freezer and so we can get our delivery persons through the rest of the heat, I hope.

Third is just a weird thought that has been going through my mind today.  I sort of believe in reincarnation...that a person lives more than one life and some people can remember their former lives.  I also believe that when I die I will see Paul and David again.  But how can you see your loved ones who have died before you if they can be reincarnated as a new person?  It's too bad nobody can reincarnate and let us know how it all works after death!

This is the kind of thing that goes through my mind on a hot day when I've done a lot of napping.

But I wanted to mention that I found yet another box with photos in it, so have been scanning a lot of them today.  The new printer is much nicer for scanning. It works just like the old one did, but the way the machine itself is built, I can do all the scanning without standing up from my desk every time I change photos to be scanned, which is great.

I found, for example, this photo of me in a building in Bodie, where the famous outhouse picture was taken.  Someone says that now that it's a national monument, they don't let people go inside the buildings, but when we were there, there were no officials to tell us to stay outside.

There was this photo of my father and his mother.  Looks like he's maybe 2 or 3 years old.

There was this photo of my mother and her sister at the one room school house they attended in Galt.

And this family photo taken the year that Ned was in Brasil.  Pujol and Marcio were living with us during that time.

And of course a Generation 1 Pinata picture.

I wonder how many more boxes of photos there are around here that I haven't discovered.



Walt's sister manages to get herself
in the group picture of Brianna's team

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