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12 July 2021

Did you notice that I changed the smiley figure in the logo above?

According to weather.com, it was 109⁰ in Davis Saturday.  Our thermometers only got to 106⁰.  I am so very lucky.  Walt likes to have the air conditioner set at 80 which is a tad warm.  But with Ned and Marta having an apartment upstairs, the a/c does not cool it off, even with lots of fans running, unless Ned has the a/c turned down to 73.  At that temperature, there are places downstairs (like the guest bathroom) which are actually cold.

With all the heat going on, I tried to leave a can of cold soda for the post man on Saturday, but it wasn't cold by the time he got here and he didn't take it.  I don't know if he would have taken it anyway.

Today, Ned set up a cold water cooler that we canfill with ice and bottled water tomorrow.  Sadly, we had deliveries from Amazon and there was nothing for the delivery guy to drink, if he wanted a drink!

"Things" are going on around here.  For one thing, I now have a working printer.  After fighting with my printer for months, I finally was not able to get it to print anything and told Ned we would have to go out and buy a new one.  But he rummaged around in a closet and found an nopened printer box.  I vaguely remember buying a printer, not realizing that I alraedy had bought a printer, so this is virtually a new printer--though I don't know when it was purchased.

Ned got it set up for me and now when I press "print" it actually prints.  And I was able to fix it so that it scans the way the older printer scanned, so I'm starting to become happy with it.

The other thing that it worrying me is my mother.

Sandy called two evenings ago to let me know that she had vomited and had a low temperature.  He said he was going to watch her and if she wasn't better in the morning would send her off to the ER.  A few hours later he called to let me know that he had called Kaiser and they were sending an ambulance for her.  He felt she needed to be medically assessed.

Somewhere around 10 or 11, a doctor called to tell me he thought they would keep her over night, which sounded like a good idea rather than drive her back to Eldervilla at midnight!

At 1 a.m. a nurse woke me up to say they were admitting her to the hospital and she needed to get some information from me.  She didn't seem to be aware that a doctor had already called (and I don't think she realized that my mother had a broken leg!)  She said a doctor would call soon, so I kind of sat up the rest of the night and he never did call.

I assumed she would be going home yesterday during the day and didn't hear from Sandy so just assumed that all went all right.

Today a doctor called to say they had admitted her to the hospital and would keep her a couple of days and that they had found some pneumonia in her lungs.  Her x-ray report says "Possible right lower lobe pneumonia. Bilateral pleural effusions noted right greater than left."

I'm trying NOT to think of the number of times she has told me over the years that what happens with old people is that you have an accident and break a bone or something and then develop pneumonia and that is what kills you.  I have been thinking for so long about her death and now am thinking that this may be the start of her dying.  I called the Mortuary in San Rafael where all of her funeral arrangements have been paid and found out what to do when she dies in Woodland.  She may get through this just fine, but I am off and on weepy these days.



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