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9 July 2021

I was starting to sit down in my recliner and as I started to lower myself, it felt like the chair was moving a little bit.  I sat down and it continued to move just a little bit.


I immediately turned on the news, as Ned came in from outside saying "did you feel that?"

The news broke into Dr. Oz to say there had been an earthquake, about 4.6 magnitude, centered somewhere south of Stockton, and as they were reporting it, another breaking story was that just a few minutes before the 4.6 in Stockton there had been a 5.9 in Nevada.  Over the next hour or so came reports of other aftershocks over the area.  Last I heard was 24 of them.

The reporters I saw telling this story had never felt an earthquake before and one of them was kind of shaky herself at having felt one.  But I feel sorry for the on-air personalities when something like this happens.  For that first hour, there were more and more reports of aftershocks being felt across the area but none of them were very big.  5.9 is an OK shock.  You can feel it; it might knock some things off of shelves, but it's not going to destroy anything.  And other than the 4.6 that we felt, all of the aftershocks seemed to be in the 3+ magnitude.

But you can't just go from that story to something else, so they have to keep the story going...for hours.  The quake happened around 3 p.m. and at 6 p.m. it was still the only story they were reporting.

But there was no real disaster anywhere.  They showed videos people had sent in and those were really kind of funny.  Two of them were of chandeliers, each kind of gently moving back and forth an inch or less.  Another was of a living room where there was a kind of bump, as if someone had walked past a camera on a tripod, and then nothing.  They showed those videos several times over the hours.

Many of the aftershocks happened around Markleeville, which is about 100 miles east of Sacramento.  Char's husband Mike was a seismologist and worked at the Seismology Department at UC Berkeley.  Char says Markleeville was the favorite place of Mike's boss, Don Tocher, who claimed it was "shaking all the time."

But the shaking has stopped and it doesn't appear that we are going to find ourselves with beach front property.

Ned got my new printer hooked up.  After several days of fighting to get anything to print on the old one, it was so nice to be able to type something, press "print" and have it ... you know ... print!

It will take awhile for me to bond with it.  It doesn't do things the way my other printer does, the printer I've used for many years, and I don't know if I will end up liking it or just learning to put up with it.  But it prints and I'm back in business answering pen pal letters again.

I don't think I'm going to like its scanning function as much as the other one, but it scans and that's the main thing.





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