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8 July 2021

I decided that I simply couldn't deal with my printer any more.  I had reached a point where I figured out how to get it to print, but that didn't work today and I couldn't get it to print no matter what I did.  So I asked Ned if he would come with me to choose a printer and then to install it.

He went rummaging around in a closet and found...a printer!  I vaguely remember that I bought a printer, forgetting that I had already bought a printer.  so I have a brand new printer for Ned to install.

In finding the box with the printer in it, Ned hauled out another large box that was filled with .... photographs.  More photographs. 

Things like my junior prom.

That's me and my boyfriend Bill circled in red over on the left.  I got to wear a tiara.

Then there is proof that Brianna has been a 9er fan her entire life.

I found all of Paul's wedding pictures, which I haven't seen in forever.  And I saw some photos of Ned with my mother maybe 20 years ? ago, when she broke her ankle and was in the hospital.

Which I thought was funny, given that we had just visited her at Eldervilla to check on her new cast.

She wasn't as "with it" as she was last time we saw her, but Ned got her smiling and laughing and we had a good time with our visit.  She seems to be dealing with the cast well, which is very nice.  Ned showed her a picture of Marge and she was able to says "that's my sister!"

When we got home, I spent the afternoon going through the hundreds of pictures that were in the new box and fortunately finding that a lot of the envelopes in it were negatives, and I just threw all of those away.

I was happy to find a bunch of photos of Ned when he lived in Brasil for a year.

Tomorrow Ned will see if he can get the new printer set up so I can answer my snail mail.




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