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7 July 2021

Happy Birthday, Frank.  Frank Lane was Peach's father and my favorite uncle.  We had what I thought was a great relationship for many years.  I sent him a card every year for his July 7 birthday.  When he and my aunt divorced, I sent him a letter letting him know how special he was in my life and I wouldn't let the divorce change that.  I never heard from him again.  Another person I thought loved me...and didn't really!

I've been thinking about things like that the last couple of days.  I took up the task of "cleaning up my office" and have been at it for two days and to look at it you wouldn't know I had done anything at all, but I have done things like going through photo albums (hence thinking about Frank).  I found a big box of photo albums that didn't make it to the shelves Ned built and I didn't realize they were even there.  But there were great pictures like this one with Jeri and Pooh, before Pooh became "Delicate Pooh"

Now, having been loved by five kids for many years, and eaten by a dog at least once and repaired by Jeri, he has become "Delicate Pooh" and lives on display in a giant mayonnaise jar in the living room.  He's the one thing I'd grab in case of a fire.

There were also photo albums belonging to my grandfather and to his brother, my godfather.  Both men made wonderful photo albums, the frustrating thing about both being that there are so many people in them and no identification whatsoever.  My godfather's album was better than my grandfather's because he put all of his photos in with those black photo corners, so you could take the pictures out, thus I was able to post a lot of great photos on Facebook, like of their brother, the champion boxer,

And pictures of my godfather, who was a champion 6-day bicycle racer.

He also had a photo of my great grandfather, whom I never met and have only seen one photo of, a couple of years ago in a group.  But there was a solo photo of him.

I sure would like to know why my father's side of the family was never talked about and I know essentially nothing of them. 

My godfather also had wonderful city pictures which are now historical.  i posted many of them on Facebook, like this picture of the Bay Bridge being built, which has received many, many comments.

My grandfather's scrapbook was even more frustrating because he was in vaudeville and it's filled with pictures of individual performers and posed groups of actors, theaters, performances, social gatherings, reviews, etc., but they are all pasted in, so you can't remove them to copy and there are no identifications whatsoever as to who was a big star, who was a lowly chorus person.  And there is a professional photo of my grandmother autographed to my grandfather with "remembering Seattle" ... hmmm.  A little show biz hanky panky?  I'll never know.

I spent all day going through these books and getting them organized in my mind, and then putting them back where I got them from, so you can't tell I did anything.  but I did learn the importance of leaving behind some sort of identification for your descendants.  I'm thinking of the thousands of photos I have taken and have stored all over the house in books and boxes and wonder how many of them Jeri, Ned and Tom can identify .... and I know that adult Brianna and Lacie won't have a clue who is in any of them.



Me with my Shirley Temple curls.
...and look.  In the right photo I'm wearing gloves.  How I hated gloves!


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