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1 July 2021

I came across a bunch of photos from a family reunion yesterday and have been thinking about all of our reunions.  There has been e-mail about another reunion in 2022, but it will seem different with none of my aunts alive, my mother unable to attend (if she is still alive in 2022) and not really knowing a lot of the younger kids.

There were 10 in my mother's family so reunions end up being big events.

the only photo ever taken of the entire family
(my mother is next to the yellow shirt)

The first "reunion" we had wasn't officially a reunion.  it was a celebration of my mother's oldest sister Marie's birthday and there were a lot of people there.  Walt didn't come, but I did and it was fun to see the remaining living siblings together

The event was such fun that an official "reunion" was planned for 1982.

(I don't know where Tom's shirt was)

The most memorable thing about that reunion was my cousin getting drunk and throwing people in the pool.  Over the course of the afternoon everybody got thrown into the pool, including 85 year old Marie.

The next time we had a reunion we decided to make my uncle Bill, my aunt's husband who had been so much like a real member of the family, a real member of the family.  We made a crown for him and that started having a member of the family crowned every year. 

Peach was the last one to be crowned.

One year Ned was in charge of making games for the younger kids to play.  Another year, my cousin's daughter wrote a play for the young kids to perform the history of the Scott family. One year my 2nd cousin Bruce got married to Eileen by our cousin Shirley, who was a minister.

This is one of my favorite reunion pictures.  Fred is 6'8"

1997 was the last year that Marie, the oldest sibling was able to attend.  She died two years later.

This was also the reunion where my aunt Barb told me there was "something wrong with her brain."  Her Alzheimers kept her from the next reunion.

Lots of memories of all these reunions, but with none of my close relatives alive any more (including the only two cousins I knew well) and not knowing the newest generations, we probably won't attend the next reunion.




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