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13 January 2021

This is entry 7,600.  I began writing in March of 2000 and with very few exceptions have written an entry every day.  On days when reach the new 00 year, I always miss Jim's Journal.  He was always one to congratulate me.

I didn't do anything particularly exciting.  I spent about an hour writing to the guy who told me why he likes  Trump.  I wanted to be polite.  "I have to admit I was impressed with your description of how you felt about Trump. I disagree with a lot of it, but it was a very well thought out set of reasons."

I answered several of his points, but especially the one that is the most difficult for me.

You like his support of unborn children. How do you like his ripping babies from their mother’s arms and sending them across the country and losing all possibility of being able to reunite the families again? Unborn children have rights–-do born children not have rights? That is the one thing that if I approved of everything else he did (which I don’t) I could never forgive him for. Those hundreds of children have had their lives changed....and how will they feel about the country that took their parents away from them? The last time he was questioned about them all he said was that they were being kept “clean.” No beds, no blankets, nobody to hug them, to read them stories at night, to teach the babies to walk. I hate that.

He wrote his letter before the events of this week and by the time he gets my letter Trump will have been impeached for a second time and hundreds of rioters arrested and charged with treason.  It will be interesting to see if he writes back.

I got an ad for a new book, "Win," by Harlan Coben.  I am a big Coben fan and have read many of his books.  I love his Myron Bolitar books and have read all 12 of them.  "Win" is probably not a Myron Bolitar book, though Win is a major character in the Bolitar books.  The book comes out in March and I have pre-ordered it.

But I also started going through Amazon to see Coben's most recent books.  I have a list of all of his books (and a few other favorite authors, like Michael Connelly and David Baldacci) and I keep track of which ones I had read, but he's written several since I checked my list, so I spent an hour or so rearranging the list and getting all of his books listed.

I decided that what I really need is a good Coben book.  Crime/drama books are my favorite and I didn't read a single one last year.  I read several autobiographies, and bits of political books, and an Outlander book, but no crime/drama.  I need to get away from politics, need to stop worrying about Outlander, and just bury myself in a good crime drama, so I ordered one of Coben's books that I have not yet read.

The nice thing about starting a new Kindle book is that the only position I seem to be in that doesn't hurt my neck and shoulders is sitting in the recliner.

I also found out I had not completed my 2020 database of journal entries, so I finished December (which is how I learned that this is 7,600).  It takes longer than you'd expect to keep that database up to date, but I'm SO glad I started doing it so many years ago because it makes it much easier for me to find specific entries.

This is Tuesday and is the night Marta has an evening Zoom meeting and Ned gets together with his friend Greg, the two of them in Ned's office in the garage.  So tonight we are all raiding the refrigerator for dinner and then watching TV. 

Walt is not a big TV watcher, but he has been looking forward to week's Finding Your Roots with Nancy Pelosi and Norah O'Donnell.


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