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6 January 2021

I was going through some files today and found my collection of "Piņata Papers," the newsletter I sent out to everybody in the piņata group for several years.

This is something Paul wrote the month after David died. It's so beautiful I decided to reprint it here.  I have had so many letters from pen pals who have family problems, people who aren't speaking to other people in their families, etc.  This made me feel so good about our family.

Many people know that the one thing David loved more than anything else in the world was his family.  To prove this to you, I thought I would tell a story.  A true story.  It was July 5, 1994.  Me and David and Jeri were all living in Davis at the time.  Tom was living in San Luis Obispo.  Tom's birthday is on July 5th.  We have a loosely followed tradition in our family.  We like to give the birthday boy (or girl) breakfast in bed.  It's kind of a hard thing to do when your brother lives over 500 miles away, but some time n the week before his birthday, the three of us decided it would be a good idea to drive all night to San Luis Obispo for the sole purpose of giving Tom his breakfast in bed...it would be a surprise.  And some time in the week before we also decided it would be a good idea to bring our dog, Toby.  So midnight on July 5th, me, Jeri, David and Toby all piled into my parents' car and drove all throughout the night. 

We got to SLO at about 45:30 in the morning, stopped at McDonald's, waited for them to open, then ordered an Egg McMuffin, juice and hash browns.  We snuck into Tom's bedroom about 6:15 a.m. and sang the happiest of Happy Birthdays I have ever heard.  Tom was beyond himself with joy and hysterics (especially when he saw Toby). . David was gleaming.  David talked about that trip until the day he died. He found it beautiful because it was so natural and so necessary. Once the idea was suggested we could not turn back.  Once the idea was suggested there was not an ounce of hesitation on anybody's part.  Once the idea was suggested it was implemented.  "Should we really drive to Sa Luis Obispo to give Tom breakfast n bed?" we thought  "Of course we should!  Why wouldn't we?   Tom is family."  And David loved his family.

Tom, David, Paul

That newsletter also had a long article by Jeri telling about how they got ready for the memorial service.  All of the kids in the Piņata Group participated.  "I don't want to brag but you should have seen the way it came together.  It was awesome.  I had Colleen and Eric as my lighting assistants.  If anyone's confused about what I do for a living, you can ask them; they're experts now.  And Jenny's a pro at hanging scenery.  We had a packed house.  Dave wouldn't have believed it.  I can't describe the show; you had to be there.  Just a lot of people talking for an hour or so.  But I hung on every word, never wanting it to end, as if, as long as the show went on, Could feel like Dave was still there.

"A toast to Ned, who sat through that slide show over and over again until it was just right.  Thank you, Colleen for helping me prepare a speech.  I would have been a wreck without it.  Thanks everyone for the food, and all your help setting up and cleaning up....Thank you all for coming.  It was fabulous.  I only wish we could have had the guest of honor there to see it."

I was not publishing the newsletter 3 years later when Paul died.



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