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24 February 2021

I have ordered stamps on line for several years.  I know you pay a price for having them mailed to you, but I like it better than going to the post office, and I like being able to choose from among all the designs that are available.  I've gotten some fun stamps like a set of Bugs Bunny stamps, which seem to be taken off the "buy" list now.

The dog stamps they have now are fun.  I tend to like the cutesy stamps.

But there have been interesting people on stamps.  I suppose it made sense to have a JFK or George H.W. Bush stamps, but it surprised me to find a stamp dedicated to Father Ted Hesburgh, longtime president of Notre Dame university.

Robert Panara, I learned was a pioneer in the field of deaf studies.

There have been two Judy Garland stamps, one a portrait, and one from the Wizard of Oz.

So with this long history of buying stamps on line, I have been very frustrated that my last order was mailed February 12 (the receipt said) and it has not yet arrived.  I finally decided to put in a notice and found you can't contact the post office without a tracking number, but the tracking number they gave me is not a valid tracking number, I get told whenever I try to use it.  I spent a long time just  trying to find a form that would let me write without a tracking number, and I explained my problem and got a canned response saying thatthey couldn't do anything for me without a tracking number.  Naturally there are no email addresses or phone numbers.  I was beginning to think I'd have to go to the local post office and see if someone could help me.  It was not a cheap order!

But just when I'd reached the ultimate in frustration, I received a note from USPS that the package will be delivered today, 12 days after it was mailed by the USPS.  I'm holding my breath.


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