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17 February 2021

Well, my 77th year didn't end all that well and I am hopeful that now that I am 78, life will be better

Actually, the day started off rather nicely.  Walt had reminded me that it was Mardi Gras and so I made pancakes for breakfast, which I do every year on "fat Tuesday."  I have a Martha Stewart recipe I've been using for awhile and it makes the very best pancakes.

The Today Show had a good recipe for chicken that I decided to make for dinner, and tried to print off the recipe, but my printer won't print.  This has been a problem for several months and I can usually get it to start printing.  It will print a page and then stop again and give me an error message and I have to try to figure out which "fix" will work this time.

But no fix worked at all and it is obvious that I need a new printer.  But the problem is that recently, I bought a new box of low-cost cartridges, which I have been using for a few years and I have only used 3 in this new box.


So in order to get a new printer, I'm going to have to find one that uses these cartridges...or find someone who has a printer that uses them and is willing to buy these from me.

The mail came and after four days of no mail at all, I had several letters, which I could answer but can't print after I answer them!  I will have to send them to Walt, who can print them on his printer for me, but I hope I can figure out the answer to my printer dilemma first.  Someone on Facebook is looking into printers that will take that cartridge for me.

I got my daily five robo calls:  The warranty on my car is expiring, my bank history shows that I qualify for a lower cost loan, the police want money to do something for kids, Microsoft says something is wrong with my computer, and a doctor has suggested I get some sort of medical device.  I get these recordings every day.  Yesterday they all came, one after the other, in a half hour.

Walt went out looking for crab for my birthday dinner, which I'd planned for a couple of weeks.  He came home to say they had no crabs, had not received any crabs that day and didn't know if they would get any crab today.  The last time I planned a crab dinner it was for our anniversary and I couldn't get crab then either.

I decided to sign up for HealthyDavis, so I could make an appointment, but to "register" you have to put in your account code and I had no idea what that was or how to find it. There was a phone number to call if you had trouble.  It said the number was active from 9 to 5 and I called before 4 and was told the number was not active.  I finally put a note on Facebook (what did I ever do without Facebook?) and learned that my "account code" was simply "Davis." 

So I was able to sign up for HealthyDavis and made an appointment to get tested today, but after I made the appointment it said to print off a copy of the appointment and bring it with me.  But of course I have no printer, so I can't do that.

Then I had to try to find a way to cancel the appointment, which I finally did, about the time Walt said that he could probably print off the appointment page if I sent it to him, but by then it was too late.

So I have no printer, I have no testing appointment and I have a bunch of letters I can write, but not print.

Good thing it was a good night for television, because I just vegetated in front of the TV and tried not to think about any of my problems.



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