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17 December 2021

Christmas is not going well. I was thrilled in November to find out one of my granddaughters wanted a 49er blanket. I ordered a personalized one for her on November 15. It was the very first Christmas gift I bought. It had not arrived and Amazon told me it was probably lost I should ask for a refund. Swell. Now what do I get her? Too late to do another personalized blanket!

I also had a 300 piece puzzle ordered for the other granddaughter. It also didn't come, didn't come, didn't come. When it finally arrived, they sent me a THIRTY-FIVE piece puzzle. No way at this late date to fix it.  The customer service guy I was corresponding with tells me this is my fault because I ordered a 300 piece puzzle, but their receipt said 35 and I didn't notice it.

Also trying to update my credit card account in iTunes, but I can't update it unless I upgrade Windows...I am happy with the Windows I have (9, I believe) and don't want to upgrade, especially because the two programs I use most won't work in later versions of Windows...and there is no way to give the the correct credit card information because of course all of the "you owe us money" emails come with "do not reply."

I also got another notice from Apple and tried to give them my new credit card information, but I have to have the CVS number of my OLD card (which I destroyed many months ago) before they can upgrade. And of course there is no way to reach the company otherwise.
Technology is doing me in today!


The blanket finally arrived and the quality was terrible.  It's not heavy, it's flimsy and could be purchased better at a thrift shop, though the personalization is OK.  Can't do anything about it.  I just hope she will accept what came.  But I'm very disappointed.  I was so excited about getting the blanket!

And I ordered another puzzle from Snapfish, which promises that it will be here by the 23rd.  500 pieces.  I should have started with Snapfish. 

The nice thing about our Christmas is that we won't be celebrating together and opening gifts until the 27th, so if things arrive late, that will probably be OK.

I'm having difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit.  We will be going to see my mother today and stopping at See's to get candy for Eldervilla...maybe that will help!

Also, I have actually been sleeping lately.  I had one night of insomnia, where I didn't sleep hardly at all, and then three nights of sleeping more than 8 hours, plus a nap.  I think that maybe my pineapple regimen is working. 

I am having much less pain than before I started eating pineapple every day, my digestion is much better (don't need Tums nearly as much), and I am sleeping.  It's amazing that something as simple as pineapple can make that much difference in your life!

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