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8 December 2021

We always bought a real tree for Christmas when I was growing up ... those were the years when they were affordable and didn't cost a week's food just to have a tree.  We got the kind  that fill the house with smell, which I have not been able to find in many years.

When my father got the tree up, my mother put on the lights.  She was the only one who could do the lights.

We had those horrible lights where if one went out, the string wouldn't light and you had to test all the lights to find out which was the bad one.

When the lights were on, Karen and I decorated the tree.  We always had Bing Crosby's Christmas music playing while we decorated.

When all the ornaments were put on, my mother finished with tinsel, strand by strand, until the whole tree was covered.

Under the tree was a little village, with houses that each had lights in them and in the middle, a manger that my father built.

My mother hosted the family dinner every year until Walt and I were married and had kids and I took it over from her.  We always had my father's parents, and my godfather and sometimes a sister of my mother's (she had so many of them!) or her mother, who lived next door to us, with my mother's sister Jean.  We were lucky that when Walt and I married, his mother, brother and sister fit nicely into our family group, so we never had to worry about where we were going to spend the holidays.

Dinner was always the traditional turkey dinner, but she made a different unusual salad each year.  One year she made a Waldorf salad (which has apples and walnuts in it).  I was sick at the time and ate my dinner in bed.  After the salad, I got very sick and vomited and could not eat walnuts and apples for decades later.

When dinner was finished, there was pumpkin pie and we passed around the 2 lb box of See's candies that my godfather always brought.  Then we would go into the living room to open gifts.  The year my father had a nervous breakdown, I bought him an "old waddle family" to try to make him feel happier.

I loved the routine of the family Christmas and miss the people who aren't around any more.




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