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6 December 2021

I'm curious about some things.  Can you see comments printed on this blog?  If I look at the blog in Firefox, there are no comments, but if I look at it with Chrome, there are comments (on the entries that have comments).  Check this entry, http://www.funnytheworld.com/2021/Dec/04.htm and let me know if you can see the comments that have been made on it.  I'm wondering if it's only Firefox that doesn't show them or if other browsers also do not show them.

Ned and Marta have gone out to the Davis High Madrigal Dinner tonight, leaving Walt and me to get our own dinner.  Walt suggested that he pick up sushi, which we both love, from the nearby sushi place.

I was going to order on line, but couldn't find a way to make that order and decided it was just easier to call them and order over the phone.

Things were going fine until I ordered Garlic Delite, which is on the web site.  Turns out "Sushi Unlimited" was sold and is now "I love Sushi" and has a different web site...and doesn't have Garlic Delite.  I wasn't clued in on that garlic sushi--just picked it by the description--but I had to go to the new web site to figure out what else to get.  That involved finding the web site and making an on-line order, which the guy on the phone preferred.

I found the web site and when I went to place my order, it told me I was using the wrong browser, and I should use Chrome.  So I called up the web site on Chrome.

I made my choices and put in the order, but you have to include your phone number, which I did.  They said they were sending me a text message with a 4 digit number to verify that the phone number was accurate.  Only I had put in our land line, not my cell phone, so I had to go find my cell phone so I could get the text they were sending.

I put in the number and nothing happened.  I put it in again, and still nothing happened.  Then I realized that I had put in a "1" before the area code and so the web site was picking up the area code as 153 rather than 530.  I finally got the right number, put in the 4 digit code and placed the order, I think. 

It would have been so much easier if I could have just talked to someone to make my order!

When Walt went to pick up the order, they could not find it and were searching all olver the restaurant for it...as identity, they didn't ask him his name, but his phone number -- and of course he gave them our land line.

I'm having problems with on line orders this week. 

We received a big box from Amazon.  But in the box was something we hadn't ordered...and even looking at it, and checking it out on line, I still don't know exactly what it is.  There was no receipt in the box.

I tried to contact Amazon to see what I should do with this $40 item, but you can't find a single "contact me" number on the Amazon web site.  You can reach customer service, but you have to choose which item you ordered you need customer service on ... and this object doesn't show up in my orders.

Since you can't contact anybody on the Amazon web site, I wrote a note on the Amazon Facebook page.  A couple of people answered me saying the same thing happened to them and that Amazon didn't seem to care what they did with the unordered items -- one person wrote, My sprinkler guy got nice Columbia rain jackets he didn't order from Amazon. 6 of them. He tried to send back but no one cared. 6 people put them to good use.  Someone else says she has been getting boxes like this every few weeks, and Amazon doesn't seem to care.

In the meantime, Jeri found an article about a new scam that is being perpetrated.  (Be sure to watch the video.) I don't completely understand it, but it seems that whatever it is isn't a scam of those of us receiving the packages and we aren't being charged for it.  I'm probably going to donate this craft item to some Christmas collection box and see if they can find someone who can figure it out.

But in the meantime, this morning I got a telephone call from someone who identified himself as from Amazon, who wanted to help me with my problem.  Now my hearing isn't good any more, though he spoke loudly enough, but he had a very thick accent and I couldn't understand what he was saying so I told him he would have to talk with Ned, and he said that he had to talk with me, but Ned did take the call.  As Ned figured out, this was a scam guy.  The interesting thing was that he didn't have his information about my box exactly correct and I never gave him any information.

I'm  getting too old for stuff like this.  Ned says to stop answering the telephone and if it's an important call, they will leave a message, so that is what I plan  to do.




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