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5 August 2021

We wanted to see if we could find our friend, Roy Spicer, who is the choir director for Mission Santa Barbara, so we went off to their 11 a.m. Mass, which Alice Nan and Joe says has been outside since the pandemic.

It was a nice Mass and I sat next to Bea, a big dog who went to communion with her owners (don't think she got a host, though).  And afterwards, we had a brief visit with Roy.

Sadly, his husband wasn't able to be there because he was working.  We haven't seen Craig in a very long time, but we sent our love and wishes to him.  Roy was in school with Ned and both he and Craig were part of the Davis Comic Opera Company.

We went to Tom's house to get our car so we could go and have lunch with our friends.  They are extremely private people, so I don't take pictures or identify them, but we've been friends for a very long time and we rarely see each other, so got caught up on our kids and grandkids. She and I are both big scrapbook fans and that is always a topic of conversation.  It was a delightful lunch, which included rum punch, the only alcohol I ever drink because his recipe is so perfect.  (Fortunately I only get one glass every year or two!)  She also had a fabulous curry chicken salad, which she said she got at Trader Joe's.  We will definitely be shopping for that very soon.

After lunch, we went back to Tom's, where we were having dinner.  All the activities of the weekend were getting to Walt.

I was able to get the tour of upstairs, which I didn't think my knees could handle the day before...they barely handled them today, but I did it.

The upstairs is amazing.  There are several library and play areas and a closet for Lego and costumes.  Bri's room looks like it could be a room for Adrian Monk...very clean stark, bare, organized with one thing on the wall (a Dodgers poster), desk neat and tidy.

Lacie's room looks like an FAO Schwartz truck had driven through it and exploded.  There wasn't an inch that wasn't covered with some sort of toy.  She is preparing a fashion show for her American Girl dolls and is making them costumes, which is part of the reason.  Lacie has a mattress bed on the floor and a hammock hanging from the ceiling as well as a Hawaiian mural painted on the wall.

The girls wanted to watch TV, so we settled in to watch Disney's Jungle Cruise which without captions I could not understand at all (even with my hearing aids), but it was a pretty bad movie anyway, so I didn't care.

After the movie, Laurel put together burritos or stir fry from some of the leftovers from the picnic.  We stood around chatting and finally headed off for Alice and Joe's.  We said goodbye to the girls, but Ned said he would bring them with him when he came to pick us up in the morning.



It's not really a dog bed, but Bandit thinks it is.


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