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30 April 2021

The last time I had any sort of social engagement was in June last year, when our friends Gabi and Alex Clayton came through Davis on the train on their way home to Washington and had a 3 hour layover.  We met them at the train station and went to a pizza place, where we sat outdoors with our masks on (until the pizza arrived) and then walked them back to the train.

That was ten months ago and, other than Ned and Marta, we haven't had any other social engagements.

But today, I went to lunch with these guys.

These are all women I worked with at Women's Health for 12 years.  Some of my closest friendships happened at Women's Health (before Sutter took it over and ruined it!).  It was at my friend Marsha's home and Ned drove me over there, since he doesn't want me to drive.  We got lost, but eventually found her house.

The woman on the left was my doctor for a couple of years.  The woman on the right was from Guatemala and handled billing for the office.  She and her husband used to see Walt all the time at wine tastings, before the supermarket ended its wine tasting programs, but I had not seen her since my birthday last year, when she and three others took me to lunch before the coronavirus hit..

We had a fabulous lunch of many kinds of salad.

(That pink thing was a raspberry concoction that the cook says she always makes for holiday dinners and it was delicious...she gave me some to take home with me.)

There was a lot of catching up to do, pictures of grandkids passed around and tales of "what is so-and-so doing now?" as well as remembering the good times we had when we worked together.  It was just so good to see all these women again, though I don't remember working with two of them (but one of them remembers coming to our house and being served quiche).  We've all aged a lot.  One of the group had a mild case of COVID and is still suffering from after effects.  One has mild dementia and reminds me of my mother a couple of years ago. 

My friend Barb drove me home and it was nice to have extra time with her.  She and I used to go walking together in Vacaville, where she lives.

It was just a great day and a wonderful way to get back into social interactions again.



Lacie is working with her other grandmother to make a quilt

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