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29 April 2021

It's surprising how difficult it can be to design web pages.

At the end of each month, I design the pages for the following month, which means saving the previous month's index in my archive so I can find entries later, finding the wallpaper for the next month, designing the logo, choosing the colors of the various cells, and entering the information for the month that has just finished into my database.  That doesn't sound all that difficult, and basically it's not, since I've been doing it for so long.

One of the best ideas I had many years ago was creating a database and an archive.  My database has four categories -- date, title of journal entry, what it's about, and the photos used.  When I am looking for a photo that I know I used, say 10 years ago, all I have to do is to go to the database and search for that photo, and then go to the archive, and find the entry that it was used in.  It's not perfect but I'm grateful whenever I have to search for something in an entry I wrote 15 years ago

Sometimes I do special entries that aren't normal journal entries.  Those are the entries that are linked in the left column of this entry or in the left column of the index page.  Things like the "Family Stories" page, which is all videos of my mother talking about family stories.  I am so glad I have those now that she can't remember anything!

(I just discovered that those movies are not playing.  I'm going to have to figure out why they aren't.)

Sometimes I sign up to do a project for SwapBot which involves something complicated.  I signed up to do a Photo Journal for the month of April 2021.  Posting a picture for every day in the month of April.

I don't know how I will get the photos from my partner, but I decided the best way to send photos to my partner was to design a web site, "Photo Journal - April 2021."  It's five pages with 7 photos on each page, except for Page 5, which only has two pictures.

Designing the pages and putting in the photos throughout the month was the easiest part.  Most of the photos have been published in journal entries.

Today I decided to upload everything to the internet so I can send the link to my partner.  It has taken me nearly two hours and was ridiculously complicated.

It would seem that it would be easy.  Just upload the file and all of the photos.  And if I had done things right in creating the entries originally, it would be that easy.  But of course I did not. 

For one thing if you are going to link to journal page, you can name that page Journal1 or journal1.  If you use a capitol letter and try to find it using a small letter, it doesn't work.  and since I have "previous" and "next" links on each page, I have to make sure that I have the right first letter.  I was consistently inconsistent throughout all the pages.  It's amazing how many edits I had to make just to fix this one problem.  That alone probably took an hour.

Then the photos are in different folders on my computer.  The photos from Saturday's parade, for example are all in the "Dunning" folder, so when I upload them, they get uploaded as "dunning/photo.jpg and the internet can't recognize the folder, so I have to go into the code page and remove all the folder names (and naturally I don't get them all, so I have to go back two or three times to get them all). 

And finally, when I designed the pages, they were all designed with the title "April  26, 2021" for some reason -- I'm not sure why.  But I wanted them to be titled Journal 1, Journal 2, etc. so I had to go back to the code page and rename all the pages.

The whole project took me over 2 hours to get to where it is finally the way that I can send a link to my partner.  It would probably have been easier if I just sent her a bunch of .jpgs!  But I like the way that the Photo Journal looks on line

We now have 3 squirrels in the yard.  Jane is the mother of four babies and two of them have stuck around,.  Ned named the boy Lisbon...not sure why (I'm sure it has some significance).  He is getting more friendly, but is still skittish.  The girl rarely comes to the patio, but we see her in the grass in the yard.  We haven't named her yet.  It's fun when all 3 are chasing each other.

Today I put out a new squash half.  Jane was on it immediately and literally ate it for half an hour.  Later, Lisbon found it and he, too, spent a long time eating at it.

He was a lot more skittish and whenever the squash moved, he would jump and move away and then carefully come back and try again.  But it was such fun watching him.  He was obviously loving it.  And Polly didn't try to eat it either.


Walt's "good morning" to Polly

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