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20 April 2021

Seeing Brianna with her arm in a cast made me think of our experiences with broken bones. Walt and I have both had broken bones.  He broke his collarbone when skiing and I broke bones twice by dropping frozen food on them.

Jeri was the first of the kids to have a broken bone.  It was September 1970.  She was four years old and she had just learned how to jump rope.  A boy in the neighborhood accidentally ran into her with his bike and she ended up with a broken leg.  It was a greenstick fracture...

The bone isn't completely broken but needs to be pushed back into the rest of the bone.  This is what I wrote in my journal then:

She screamed and begged the guy to stop and I very nearly cried myself watching her and trying to comfort her. 

Many years later, as a medical transcriptionist typing reports about children being given casts, I was furious with this guy.  A four year old and he didn't even give her so much as an aspirin to deal with the pain.

David was the one who had the most accidents that involved stitches, but the most impressive broken bone was Ned.  We were on vacation in 1977 and were going to see Mt. Rushmore.  The night before, we camped on an Indian reservation and the weather looked terrible, so Walt moved everything out of the van and into our tent and the seven of us slept in the car.  Then, of course, it never rained.

In the morning the kids were so happy to be out of the cramped van that they ran everywhere and Ned climbed a tree...and fell out of it.  We took him to the doctor on the reservation and he confirmed that the leg was broken, but because of swelling, he couldn't cast it, so he wrapped it and sent us on our way.  We gave Ned the decision about whether we should go on and see Mt. Rushmore or not.  He wanted to see it, so we went, figuring we could get a wheelchair for him.  Yes, we could get a wheelchair but it had no footrest so there was no way we could keep his leg up.  We took the poles from our tent and put them on the seat and he put his leg on the tent poles so he could at least see Mt. Rushmore.

We spent that night at the home of some friends.  To get to their house you had to climb a ladder and getting Ned up there was a challenge.  Then, their guest area was in a loft and there was no way Ned could get up there, so they built a bed on the floor for Ned and me.  We lay there all night listening to the bat that lived around the house flying around.

It's about 1200 miles from Mt. Rushmore to Sacramento and we decided to do it all in one drive, with Walt and I taking turns driving until we were too sleepy and then turned the car over to the other.  (It's the very best way to drive the Great Salt Lake, a very boring drive in the daytime, but no problem at night)

We stopped at our condo at Lake Tahoe for a night and then to Kaiser in Sacramento, driving into the emergency room parking lot with our car loaded with camping gear and five kids, who waited in the car while Ned got a cast.

(today is the 22nd anniversary of Paul's death)



The strawberry stand is open.  Ned bought strawberries.
I made a strawberry pie

Brianna has broken her wrist!

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