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19 April 2021

I came across an old photo of Polly today and realized how much she has aged in the past ten plus years.

I hadn't realized exactly how much white she now has on her face.

You'd never think of her as "old."  She's as active as she has always been.  She has finally calmed down a bit so she does not bark all the time.  She "talks" especially to Ned and Walt when they come into the room.  It's her version of "hello" and reminding them it's time to pet her...or to give her a treat. 

She's completely silent at night as Walt straightens up the kitchen, and sits down to watch television.  But when she knows he's going to be turning off the lights to go upstairs to bed, she follows him around, barking softly, because she is reminding him that he needs to give her a treat before he goes to bed.

The Lamplighters recently streamed a video of a 1995 performance of Princess Ida, which was performed in Buxton, England, at the 2nd International Gilbert & Sullivan festival at the beautiful Buxton Opera House.

(Photo by Rob Bendall)

It's driving me crazy that I can't find the photos I took of that trip.  We took my mother, so we could take her to Amsterdam after the festival to visit her husband's family.  She had never seen anything by Gilbert & Sullivan and spending a week with the Lamplighters was interesting for her!

we arrive in Buxton by bus

Walt came along to help with the sets, which they had to build in the streets next to the theater.

We learned about mushy peas, which they served at every meal (and apparently is a popular dish in that part of England).  We took my mother to productions by several other G&S groups.  She was not impressed.

The Lamplighter performance was wonderful and they ended up winning most of the awards when they were presented at the conclusion of the festival.

My biggest moment was meeting John Reed, the D'Oyly Carte patterman I'd had a crush on for many years.  I had brought copies of the two Lamplighter histories for him--and he gave me a kiss.

Somewhere around here are all the photos I took.  The pictures here came from the Lamplighters pages.



Brianna has broken her wrist!

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