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16 April 2021

I can't believe it's Friday already.  I dunno...the weeks pass SO quickly.  I usually confuse Friday with Saturday and it always surprises me when I wake up on Friday and discover that Morning Joe is on, when I am expecting cooking shows.

On Saturday, Ned and Clyde record their show for Tuesday.  Clyde calls in on Marta's cell phone and Ned is able to record him while they chat.  This week, however, Clyde is going to be here.  They are doing another interview.

The last interview they did was with Bob Bowen., celebrating his retirement from theCity of Davis. Ned and two friends met with Clyde and Bob here in our carport and had a great chat for a couple of hours.  It was such a fun interview.  Ned was in the garage and the rest of us were in the carport with microphones.  Everybody had lots of stories about Bob because the kids (now in their 50s) had worked with him since they were in grammar school.  Lawsuit existed because of Bob.  They all worked in the theaters he was in charge of.  The interview could easily have gone on another couple of hours--but the show is only an hour long. 

The show when it was broadcast was a lot of fun and because it's streaming (and repeats for 3 weeks), people all over the country who had worked with Bob over the years were able to hear it. 

Now Ned and Clyde are interviewing Bob Dunning, columnist for the Davis Enterprise on the occasion of his 51st anniversary with the paper.

Actually, the plan was to have a big celebration for his 50th anniversary last year, but the pandemic changed that.  I was on the committee to plan the ceremony, which was to include a celebration at the theater, a parade of cars around Davis, and a collection for a scholarship in his name for a Senior at the high school who is a good writer.

When Bob first applied for a job with the Enterprise, he was hoping to get a job as a janitor.  He had just started law school at UC Davis and needed to work during his non-school hours.

Instead, he was offered the job of writing a sports column and six years later he started his daily column, "The Wary I" which is mostly about local stories, like the woman who was given a ticket by the police for violating the noise ordinance -- for snoring in her own house (her neighbor complained). 

He's interviewed Bob Hope, was interviewed by Anderson Cooper, played tennis with Bobby Riggs, and MC'd a Roy Rogers fund raiser.

“Those are the kind of memories you’re going to have when you work in a small town for a long time,” said Dunning. “It’s a treasure. All these things happen that you never anticipate. It’s why I try to never say no when somebody asks me to speak or emcee, or just invites [me] to an event.”

His columns are funny, informative, political, emotional.  He wrote a wonderful column reviewing Paul's show, "Sedona, Arizona"

Paul Sykes is a major talent waiting to explode...his observations about life--and some very pointed comments about his hometown of Davis--were on target all night long....he made us laugh throughout, but he brought the audience to tears with a brutally honest, yet moving, tribute to his late grandfather...

His column about Paul's death was beautiful, and he just devoted a column to Cathy Speck, which was wonderful.

They have already done a streamed video about his life history and his time with the Enterprise, which can be seen on You Tube. It has been seen by over 700 people.  Some $46,000 has been raised for the scholarship, and on Friday there will be an auto parade, hosted by Bob Bowen. 

The interview is going to be a challenge for Ned.  Unlike his relationship with Bob Bowen, he has no relationship with Bob Dunning so there are no fun shared stories to tell.  But I'm sure that with the combination of Ned, Clyde and Bob they will come up with an enjoyable hour for the radio show to publicize the parade.


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