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15 April 2021

I do love this bit from Stephen Colbert, looking for something to call the former president, since he does not want to use his real name. 

When last year's litter of baby squirrels weaned and left the nest, we never saw them again.  I don't know where they went, but that's when Jane started becoming a regular and she was the only squirrel that we saw regularly.

It's different with these new babies.  About the time they were leaving the nest, I watched Jane playing with them on the grass of the yard.  Or maybe she was teaching them how to find  the things she'd buried earlier because after the babies left the nest, we saw them spending a lot of time sniffing all over the grass.

They sometimes came to the patio, but were too nervous if they saw people.  Ned is trying to train them to be as comfortable with him as Jane is.

Jane is funny.  I rarely feed her, so when she sees ME, she doesn't usually beg at the door, but she will sit on the table outside staring at the door and if she sees Ned (or Walt, sometimes), she hops down and runs to the door to beg for peanuts.

Ned has gotten her from taking a peanut out of his fingers to taking it off his palm.  He feeds her in several places....she climbs the tree and comes to the front branches and he'll feed her there, or she jumps on the table and he'll feed her there.  He's also teaching her to come when he calls.

When the babies seemed to be HERE instead of where the other babies went Ned has started tossing peanuts out into the grass, so they have something to find and will begin to think of this as the place to find food.;

I bought them a squash last week and they love it.

I looked out on the patio the other day and they had carried the squash across the patio and one of the babies was lying down, stretched out along the squash eating one end of it.  Ned said it reminded him of Scrooge McDuck in his vault of money.

The squash has now disappeared so I guess it's time to go and buy more squash. 


This rose from our front yard smells SO good.

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