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12 April 2021

You know that nervousness you feel in your stomach before a doctor or dentist appointment?  That's how I felt today when Ned and I headed off to the supermarket.  Like it had been so long since I'd gone shopping I wasn't sure I was going to do it "right."  Which is silly, of course, but I guess that's what quarantining has done to me.

But I had a new mask to show off.

And so did Ned.

I had not done a "big" shopping in a long time, picking up things we were out of and buying things for upcoming meals so I'd have ingredients handy when we were deciding what to cook for dinner at night.  We usually have two or things "main dish" meal ingredients (meat, chicken, fish sticks, etc.) in the freezer, but I wanted to have a lot of options so I got hamburger, stew meat, meatballs, chicken, tortellini and ingredients that I could combine with them when the mood struck me to make dinner.

We ended up with $250 worth of groceries, but that should last, if things go right, for 3 weeks or so.

And yes, I did it "right."  Last time I got very tired halfway through the store, but I was able to do the whole store today and had Ned there to take groceries to the car for me (and put everything away when we got home).

I bought small squash for Jane.  I don't know where she was--I hadn't seen her all morning--but within 5 minutes of my cutting the squash and putting it outside, she was there to enjoy it.,

We were even home in time for me to take my nap and I promised Ned I'd make strawberry shortcake for dessert tonight.

The squirrel babies have definitely left the nest--we haven't seen them--and the nice nest the birds built in the tree just outside the patio is empty--they probably noticed that they were directly opposite Ned and Marta's bedroom window and decided to find a different location, so we won't have any baby birds to watch.



Brianna's birthday cake

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