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7 April 2021

Looks like I'm not in danger of becoming a drug addict.

The first dose of cannabis that I tried had THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which, they tell me, is the substance that makes you high, though I was reassured that would not happen.  (It's so strange that I am getting marijuana lessons from my kids).  I did sleep the night I tried it, 5 hours, which is more than usual.  I didn't have any symptoms except that when I woke up in the morning I was very dizzy.

I was so dizzy that I didn't think I could make it into the family room without falling down and hoped Ned would come downstairs so he could help me, but while I was waiting for him. the dizziness began to subside a bit.  I was still dizzy for the first hour or so, until I'd had coffee and breakfast.

I should add here that one of the reasons I gave up alcohol, except once in a great while, is that I don't like the feeling of being out of control.  And I don't like the dizzy feeling that comes the morning after you drink too much.

So, it was nice to have the sleep, but I wasn't thrilled with the dizziness.

So Marta suggested I take a different cannabis sleeping solution.   This had no THC, but CBD (cannabinol), which has nothing that will make you high.  Apparently the CBD is better for helping you fall asleep and the THC is better for keeping you asleep.

The CBD did nothing.  I was awake all night, until 5 a.m.  but I wasn't dizzy.

Marta suggested I try the THC again and told me that it probably would not give me a problem again.  Not only did it make me dizzy, but I also could not get to sleep.  I can't remember what I've taken now.  I had the two gummy candies which didn't work, and the THC which worked once, but not the second time, and the CBD which didn't work either time I tried it.

Ned is still hoping I can get some help from the cannabis and suggested I try the CBD one more time, and took the THC back upstairs.  I was going to try it last night, but I decided I didn't want to take cannabis two nights in a row so I just went to sleep with nothing.

And I slept 4 hours, then back to the recliner where I slept another 2 hours.  Without any cannabis.

So I've decided to just skip it and continue the way I've been sleeping for many years.  Ned has suggested I might talk with my doctor about it, but the first thing she will suggest is getting a better bed, and of course I don't have a bed, so that won't work.  I also do not want to get accustomed to sleeping pills, so that's not a choice I would make either.

Whatever I'm doing, I seem to be doing all right, what with sleeping the first part of the night on the couch, and another hour or so in the recliner and then my daily nap.

But I'm glad I tried the cannabis.  Now I'm no longer a marijuana virgin.


Cathy Speck, 1959 - 2021

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