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5 April 2021

Well, we knew there were babies in the birdhouse again.  First we just saw one.  Then the next day there were two.  A couple of days later Ned saw 3 of them and today he came in to show me a picture he had taken of four of them.

Walt was watching them the other day and one of them fell off of the perch they are sitting on.  He managed to catch himself on a branch and climb back up, so they probably won't be there much longer because they will be able to get down on the ground.

The three that were born last year were around the patio for a couple of days, but they they disappeared and only mom (Jane) remained.  I don't know if the babies died or just moved to a different tree.

So it will be interesting to see what happens when these guys leave the nest.  It would be nice to have more than one squirrel playing on the patio again.  Right now if another squirrel comes to the patio, Jane chases it away.

Ned is working hard to train Jane and she now will take a peanut out of his flat palm instead of just his fingers.  Now he's training her to come when he calls her.  It's such fun watching him working and seeing her respond.

It's amazing to see all the squirrel videos on YouTube.  We have a long way to go as far as taming our squirrels!

Ned and I are working a puzzle of the Golden Gate Bridge. .

Well, actually Ned is working this 1500 piece puzzle and I am helping a little.

This is a puzzle that Jeri worked and then sent to me.  I've decided 1500 pieces is really too many.  500 would be better, but we are working on getting this one finished. 

It has one big problem.  Blue.  Not only is there a lot of blue sky and a lot of blue water, but the back of the pieces are blue, so it's like 3/4 of the puzzle is blue and you have to figure out how they fit together.

I remember when Jeri was working this puzzle and complained that it was taking her forever because of the blue sky.  Now I understand!

BTW, last night I binge watched the last 3 episodes of The Undoing on HBO.  It's Hugh Grant as you have never seen him before (and he's excellent).  It's only six episodes long and I highly recommend it.




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