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2 April 2021

Some weeks ago there was some squirrel canoodling going on in the back yard.  I wondered if we were going to have more babies.

Well, this week, Ned and Walt have seen two babies in the bird house where our last babies were born.  They don't know if there are more than two but there are at least two, so we have baby watching ahead of us for awhile.  I'm pretty sure Jane is the mother, since she usually looks like she's been nursing.  She has taken over the patio and won't let any other squirrels come to beg.

Now she begs at the door, as she has done for a long time, but Ned has started feeding her in the tree next to the house and sometimes he walks across to the table on the patio and feeds her there, so sometimes she sits on the table and stares at the back door, hoping someone will come and bring her a peanut.

Ned is training her to come when he calls her.  She's not completely comfortable with it, but she will do anything for a peanut, so she is learning how to come when called.

We have no pictures yet of the babies, but I'm sure we will get some in the next couple of days.

Ned and Marta have gone off to get their first vaccine.  Marta had to make the appointment in the middle of the night, to beat out others who were trying to make appointments, and they have to drive about an hour to get to where they get the vaccine, but at least they will get it.  They aren't sure if they will be able to make the second appointment while there or not, but we'll see.

I haven't taken any more cannabis, checking to see how I would do without it.  but last night I couldn't fell asleep until 5 a.m., so I guess I'm going to try it again tonight.  The last stuff they gave me had THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in it -- the stuff that gives you the marijuana high.  I didn't experience that, but I was dizzy the first hour after I woke up. The stuff I have to take now has no THC, but has CBD (cannabidiol), the medicinal cannabis, which should not give me any strange sensations and hopefully will help me sleep.

Having had so many years of negative and illegal information and rules about marijuana, it's a strange feeling to be taking it.  A friend was telling me about visiting a pot shop with her kids and the things they  bought, for pain, for sleeplessness, for arthritis ... the whole family is now regularly using cannabis products.


One of my favorite views of the Golden Gate Bridge
(I love fog!)


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