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September 24, 2020

When Ned and Marta moved in here a year ago, Ned did a lot of cleaning up and arranging things in the back yard.  For one thing, he put in a hot tub for the two of them and then near the hot tub he built a bird house.

I didn't think any birds would find it or use it because it was kind of too big for a bird house.  And after a year, we have never seen any birds near it.

However, when Ned went to check it two days ago, this is what he saw.

He went to get Marta to show her and while they were looking at the house, a second squirrel peeked around the first one.  Ned went to get his camera, but the second squirrel disappeared by the time he got back.

So it appears that we have a squirrel family living in the bird house, and that explains all the "white balls" that Stringer has been carrying across the yard, something to build a nest.

I checked Google and discovered that the gestation period for squirrels is about 44 days and weaning is about 10 weeks after birth, so we may be seeing some baby squirrels in the birdhouse soon...and just hope they don't fall out.

We haven't see too much of the squirrels in the past few days (perhaps all that nest building going on!) but today I saw both squirrels running around the yard and Walt saw what he thinks is the female (whom I've called Dancer because of the way she moves) in the front yard, so there is a lot of squirrel activity going on.

Walt also found a squirrel nest  built in one of the trees in the median strip of Villanova Dr. so I'm wondering if there are two squirrel families or if one family discovered the better house in the bird house and moved.

Can't wait to see if we get to see babies soon!



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