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September 18, 2020

I don't know if you can get this link but it's a video I shared on Instagram and can't embed it here. 

I was taking pictures of smiling Polly last night...she so rarely looks like she's smiling...and I realized that I could take a video of my favorite moment of each day.

Polly has worked hard on training us over the 10-11 years she has been here.  When she arrived she was terrified of everything and spent all of her life in my lap with her nose buried in my arm pit. 

It took her maybe a year before she felt comfortable enough curling up in my lap facing OUTWARD instead of facing inward.

Walt was not happy having this new dog in our house.  She was not lovable and she could not be housebroken.  I would take her outside and stand there waiting for her to pee.  She would cringe and shake all over and then when I opened the door, she would run into the living room and pee on the puddle pad.

We finally gave up trying to train her because she had trained herself to pee, not on the floor (usually) but on the puddle pad.  Walt took over cleaning up after her, grumbling much of the time, but happy that at least she peed on the puddle pad. 

Over the years he has accepted that this is who she is and, since Bouncer moved in here, she is learning that it's OK to pee outside.  Some days she only pees on the puddle pad once.  This is a HUGE thing.  And it only took 10 years.

I can't remember when she decided that Walt's lap was better than mine.  I always felt it was because there was more room in the chair for two of them than there is in my chair.  But suddenly I noticed that she never tried to get into my lap and whenever I looked at Walt, she was lying next to him and he was rubbing her belly.

She often stands in front of him when he is in his chair and she whines and whines and whines.  That means one of two things -- either she wants to get into his lap, or she wants him to get up so she can have the chair all to herself.

If Walt walks across the room when she is in her own bed and doesn't stop to pet her, she will let out one bark, which lets him know he has to pet her (she never does this to me)

But my favoritest thing is the good night ritual.

Walt goes upstairs around 8 or so to work in his office.  Before he goes upstairs, he cleans up the kitchen, but then when he's ready to go to sleep, he comes back downstairs, turns off the lights and tells Polly and me goodnight.  Polly gets a little treat at that time.

Polly doesn't do much at all until the lights are turned off, then she stands in the reclining chair, tail wagging a mile a minute. 

Walt gives her her treat and then just stand there for a few minutes petting her, rubbing her sides and her back.  I wanted to get that on video, but what is missing is how fast her tail is wagging (her tail is cut off in the video).  Makes me smile every night.

As soon as Walt stops petting her, she turns around the curls up in the recliner again and goes back to sleep.

She is definitely Walt's dog.



Lordy Lordy, these guys were all 40
Now they are over  50


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