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September 16, 2020

Today has been a weird day.  Well, tonight, really.  The day was fine.  I got a good night of sleep, wrote some letters, took a nap and had a very vivid dream about reviewing a kids' opera show in Santa Barbara, helped Ned with dinner, and watched Jeopardy with Walt.  I've been falling asleep before Final Jeopardy lately so I never know for sure who has won, but don't really care.

Walt went off upstairs and I started watching America's Got Talent and something just happened.

First, I suddenly got this notion that my mother will die tonight.  For no reason, but I got all teary thinking that she would be gone tomorrow and started thinking about what I'd do if I get a call from Sandy letting me know that she was gone.  I started thinking about all sorts of things about my mother throughout my life, and special moments I remember.

But that set me off, and after that everything made me cry.  The lyrics of a song one of the contestants sang about her mother.  I even cried at a very dangerous stunt by a guy who was hanging by a rope that was on fire and trying to get to a platform.  When he got there safely, I teared up again.  A wonderful choral group brought me to tears.  A single mother with an adorable toddler son sang and that brought me to tears.

I finally decided I needed to just turn off the TV and come into my office and write letters or read messages on Facebook or something.  That seems to have helped.

I didn't tear up when I saw snippets of an interview with #45 being interviewed by George Stephanopolous.  Seems our president finally has an idea of how he is going to deal with this virus.  Herd immunity (which he called "Herd mentality.")  Know what herd immunity is?  You let everyone get sick and the ones who don't die are immune to the virus and that's the end of the threat.

At this point some 2.6 percent of people who get sick die, which they figure out that over the time it takes for everyone to get sick we will lose 2-3 million people, which apparently is OK because it's a way to get rid of the virus without a vaccine.

He also at some point accused Biden of not insisting on masks for everyone.  Biden pointed out that he was not the president and didn't have the authority to make that rule!

Lord, this man is so impossible.  But he's definitely enough to get rid of any labile emotions I might have about the possible death of my mother.

Morning:  I didn't get a call about my mother, but I did get a call making me think of my mother.

It was an 888 call and when I answered a male voice said "Grandma?  This is your grandson."  I played along for a bit.  Seems he'd been in an accident and his attorney wanted to talk with me.  That's when I told him I had no grandson and he hung up.

But it reminded me when my mother got a call from someone who said it was Tom. 

Apparently "Tom" had been doing on-line gambling and had lost a great deal of money.  He couldn't tell his parents (me) because he was embarrassed and he wanted to know if his grandmother could help him.

My mother believed him, but thank goodness she decided that I should know about what Tom was into, so she didn't give "Tom" any information and he was going to call her back later. 

Between then and the time he called back, we had talked to Tom and, of course, he doesn't do on-line gambling so we were able to call the guy's bluff.

Apparently this is a common thing with people grandparents' age.  I posted about it on Facebook and several people talked about how their grandparents had been taken in by this scam.


...glad to know my mother seems to have made it through the night ...



58,000 .-- Viet Nam war (10 years)  
36,000 --  Korean war
53,000 -- World War I.


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