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September 15, 2020

This is a quote from the man who says he didn't want to let Americans know that a deadly illness was about to infect this country because he didn't want to cause a "panic."

Biden will allow rioters, looters and millions of illegal aliens to roam free in our country, he also wants the federal government to issue a sweeping new mandate to law-abiding citizens....If we did what Biden wanted to do, it would shut down our healthcare system and lead to a massive increase in mortality, including suicide, overdose, heart disease, and countless other physical and mental harms.

I want to know what kind of "panic" he felt he would cause by saying that the coronvirus was more serious than the flu.   Would people, god help us, run out and buy masks?

Instead 190,000 deaths later the Trump cult still feels that this is a hoax

I watch cultists interviewed and they are convinced that this is a Democratic plot to keep Trump from being re-elected.  190,000 deaths to keep Trump from being elected?  In the 10 year Vietnam war, we lost 58,000 soldiers.  36,000 were killed in the Korean war.  53,000 were killed in World War I.  In six months of the coronavirus, we have lost 190,000.  Just to keep Trump from being elected?

A virus that is worldwide?  Just to keep Trump from being elected? Do these cultists even THINK???

I saw one cultist who said he'd rather die of COVID-19 than give in to the demand to wear a mask.


Trump had another big rally this week.  A reporter who was there pointed out that almost no one in the cramped audience was masked.  He also said that there were no masks on the people sitting behind the speaker's platform, while several people gave speeches, but before Trump came out to speak someone went to make sure everyone wore a mask.

A reporter asked Trump if he wasn't concerned about all these people without masks and he said no, because he was up on a stand and far away from them.  So he was admitting that there was a danger, but he was being careful not to be in a position where he could be infected.

I had a letter from a sponsored child in Uganda. About COVID he says, "The laws were set to control its quick spread out. They include wearing a face mask, keeping a social distance from one another, washing of hands, no hugging and shaking of hands. We've obeyed them and now we are getting okay with its situation."

If only we had a leader like they do in Uganda.

It's a hoax all right.  The hoax is that it's not as bad as the flu and is going to go away without any problem and that masks aren't necessary.  How many cultists have died because they didn't want to wear masks?




How many of these will be sick in 2 weeks?


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