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September 9, 2020

"Californians suffered the worst air quality in the nation Sept. 8, 2020 as wildfires burned across the west, contributing to dangerously high levels of particulate matter in the air, as shown here in a screenshot of a fire and smoke map by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency at airnow.gov."

Ned took Bouncer out to pee around  4:30 this morning.  I was awake and he came in to tell me that "it's snowing again," meaning that ash is blowing around the yard again.  We have no fires near us, but lots around us so the recommendation is (a) leave the area, (b) if you must go outside, wear a mask, or (c) stay indoors with windows closed.

Naturally, among the highest folks at risk are "old people."

So we have Covid-19, the flu season, and now smoke from fires all gathering together to kill us.  It will be a miracle if we last to Christmas.

Yesterday  the winds were very high and even broke a branch off of one of our trees.

I watched the bowl of water I have out for the squirrels be blown across the patio and eventually overturned.  But that's OK.  I didn't see a squirrel all day.  They were obviously in their nests with the windows closed.

I'm writing notes to people on postcards, reminding them to vote.  Nothing political, just reminding them when voting day is and to be sure to register and to vote.  This is for a group called MomsRising.




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