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September 7, 2020

(My mother is now officially 101)

You know how sometimes just out of the blue you start thinking of someone you haven't thought of for years?  Does that ever happen to you?

For the last couple of days I've been thinking of Dair Rausch. 

When we moved here and I got involved in the PTA more than one person would say to me "You need to meet Dair Rausch."

One day the doorbell rang and there was this tall woman with a shock of white hair across the  top of her head standing there.  She introduced herself as Dair Rausch.  I liked her immediately.

I have always thought of Dair as a friend, though we rarely had much to do with each other.  But she was perhaps one of the most giving people I ever met in Davis.  Whenever you went to her house you might find her in the garage sorting food or clothing or things for babies or children and when a need arose, Dair was the first one there with stuff for whoever was in need or a list of people to call to help.

When Eduardo was living with us for five months, taking ESL (English as a Second Language) at the university, he needed work and Dair hired him to paint her house -- a huge house, with a barn.  He didn't know how to paint, but she taught him and when he finished painting her house, she found someone else who needed to have his house painted.  She was that kind of person.

Her husband David is a doctor and the two of them went to Mexico every summer to work with the poor people there.  They found Marie, a highly intelligent high school student with a dual citizenship (her father was American).  They realized she had great potential, but she needed to get out of Mexico to realize it.

They asked if I could find a home for her and we ended up taking her ourselves.  She lived in our living room for a year while she finished high school

Dair was named Citizen of the Year in 1977 and in the list of her contributions to the city of Davis was this list:

—Has volunteered in the schools for the past six years, teaching mini-courses in creative writing, math and the aging process

—Was on first committee that wrote the Master Plan for Early Childhood Education for the Davis School District

—Visited every state, county agency connected with nursing homes

—Received Mental Health Bell Award for initiating and carrying through as Program Director of “Citizens Who Care”

—Helped write guidelines for first Advisory Committee at WDE

—Wonderful resource person, always willing to share her knowledge and materials

—Testified for the State Assembly Health Committee in support of a nurse’s aide training bill

—Instrumental in convincing the Davis Adult Education School to sponsor a nurse’s aide training course

—Planned a workshop to train volunteers to work with convalescent hospital patients and the elderly

—Had weekly unpaid column in Democrat to educate public regarding problems of the aged, giving solutions

—Contacted all local churches to encourage their involvement in convalescent hospitals

She and David moved to Fairfield a few years ago, to a senior facility.  We visited them once for lunch -- a gorgeous place.  But we have not heard from them since then.

Two days ago, Dair entered my head and I've been thinking of her off and on ever since.

Today I had a call giving me David's new address.  Someone I had never heard of said that David asked her to call me.  I learned that Dair died a month ago.  When I wrote to a mutual friend to find out if she knew about Dair's death, apparently everybody knew about it.  This is why I always say I have lots of acquaintances in Davis, but no friends. I am very sad that all the people we knew together never thought to let me know she was dying (she had been on hospice for several months)...or that she died.

I tried to find a photo of her.  She may be the first person I've ever checked on Google who has no photos there, so no photo to accompany this entry. 

My stomach is upset and I've been fighting tears, tears both for Dair's death, and for the fact that nobody thought I should be informed.

This is why the coronavirus quarantine is not a big deal for me.

Thanks to Mr. Sandman for finding a photo and an article.




My mother's birthday


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