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October 29, 2020

I planned to write an entry about honey today.  I had this great idea yesterday.  Facebook has been showing ads about a honey product that will help you sleep.   It's honey mixed with black truffles and other things and is cinnamon flavored.

(this one seems to be blackberry flavored)

It costs $70 a jar and sleep just isn't worth that much, I'm so used to my weird nights, but it intrigued me that according to this ad, you just take a teaspoon at night before going to sleep and you sleep all night.  There are lots of satisfied customers who swear by it, according to the video.

Then I saw an ad for another product that only cost $35 a jar, but was also honey mixed with other things and was supposed to help with stress relief and sleep.

If you do a search on Amazon for "Honey, sleep" it brings up a host of products, some of which cost over $100 (not all of them claim that they will help sleep). 

So I got the brilliant idea that I should try taking a spoon full of just plain old honey before I went to sleep.  Which I did.  Honey by itself is pretty ghastly, by the way.

I went off to the living room and settled in for a night of sleep, went to sleep almost immediately, and when I woke up, I checked the clock and I had slept exactly as long as I do every night -- 3 hours.  Owell.  I guess I didn't discover a new sleep cure after all. 

Then I got the brilliant idea that when I take my daily nap, I turn on NCIS or Criminal Minds, settle under my quilt and am asleep in minutes and sleep for an hour, that rather than turn on Morning Joe (which I am avoiding now until after the election unless #45 does something really egregious....like leaving thousands of people out in the cold while he flies off, sending many of them to the hospital because their bus doesn't arrive to take them to their cars) I would turn on NCIS on NETFLIX (no commercials) and go to sleep with that.

But I got all interested in the plot and watched for 2 hours before I finally shut off the TV and went back to the couch, where I went to sleep for another hour.

I keep trying brilliant ideas to help me sleep better, but I'm not going to buy something expensive when I seriously doubt that it will work anyway.  If I count how many hours of naps I  take in a 24 hour period I get nearly 6-7 hours of sleep in 24 hours, and I seem to be doing all right with that.

Besides, what do I need to have a full night of sleep for anyway? 



Well, I'm a die hard Giants fan, but if they can't win,
then I'm happy for the Dodgers.  I know BRI is happy!


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