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October 28, 2020

Today we had cat ladder lessons.

Cat wasn't too sure about it all, but by the time she got down to the third step, she was getting the idea and easily did the last two steps and down to the ground.  (Not sure if it will be as easy to teach her to go back up again!)

Then she had to examine the new shed that Ned put up this week.

He's moved all of the gasoline smelling equipment and containers out of the garage to make  room for other things in the garage, and move the walker out of the living room and into the garage.

He's a very handy person to have around.

It was my night to cook dinner, the night of the Lamplighters Gala.  I had chosen a chicken recipe, forgetting how long the show was probably going to last.  The later the show went on the more guilty I was feeling, knowing that there was no way I could get dinner ready in time.

I suggested to Ned that he go and get fish sticks for dinner and it turned out that (a) he had already been to the store, bought all the ingredients for dinner and (b) he got everything ready.  He chopped chicken, garlic and ginger, got all the necessary boxes or bottles out of the cupboards and had the recipe out for me, so all I had to do was put it all together.

It took me, generously, 15 minutes to get dinner on the table.  The thing that took the longest was cooking rice.  Having a sous chef was just great.

Yesterday both Walt and I had dentist appointments, his the hour after mine. Ned decided that rather than have me drive, he would drive me to the office and then return home and later take Walt down and pick me up.

As it turned out Walt decided to ride his bike, but Ned was my chauffeur and I very much appreciated it.

I hope Ned and Marta are enjoying living here as much as we are enjoying having them living with us.




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