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October 19, 2020

Monday-Friday I watch the Today Show, Kelly and Ryan, and then whatever is marathon is running, whether NCIS, NCIS-LA, Criminal Minds, Rizzoli and Isles or Monk.  Saturday is cooking day.  The Food Network is on all morning until 11 or so, then either the TV goes off or I find some other marathon to watch.

Sunday starts with Sunday Morning and then recordings of various "behind the zoo" kinds of shows.  I am a sucker for zoo shows.  Several zoos now have "behind the zoo" shows, both here in this country and in England.  And there are two in Australia, one of which is Crikey it's the Irwins, Steve Irwin's family.  I am such an animal fanatic and just love seeing all the different kinds of animals in all of these shows, also seeing how they take care of them.

Today, for example, one zoo had a young elephant with tusks which had broken and were threatening to be infected so the decision was the remove the tusks.  But how do you pull a tooth on an elephant?  You can't tie a string and attach it to a doorknob and slam the door (Yes, I pulled teeth this way when I was a kid).  It's dangerous to anesthetize animals and they can only keep the elephant under for 5 hours.  So first of all they had to inject the animal and then make sure that when he went down, he went down in the right position, on his side.  That took about 10 people.  Then they worked on one tusk but the vet had a difficult time removing it, so they had to attach it by a heavy chain to a machine and pull it out, which eventually worked. 

Then they had to try the other side, but he'd already been under anesthesia for 3 hours.  They had to roll him over.  Imagine rolling an elephant who is unconscious over.  It took ropes and people and took a long time and included massage to his legs by several people to make sure that the blood wasn't cut off.  By the time they got him rolled over, he had been under anesthesia for too long to try to work on the other tusk, so they will do that at another day.  Then they had to be sure that he was able to wake up and stand up without hurting himself.

It was an amazing procedure that you certainly don't think about!

Then there were three cats.  I think they were tigers, but I can't remember now.  Anyway, they were female and they needed to check their hormonal states.  They way they do that is to check their poo.  But how do you check which poo belongs to which cat?  They fed two of them food, one with edible blue sprinkles and one with edible red sprinkles, so they could tell which belonged to which cat.

Once a year they have to clean the hippo pond, which has a couple hundred pounds of hippo poop in it.  What a job that is!  After they drain the pond (they've moved the hippos to another pond), they push all the poop to a truck where they dump it in a compost field, where they grow food for the animals.

I learn a lot about animals every Sunday when I watch zoo videos.

At the same time I was watching elephants and hippos, I was watching my own "behind the scenes at the zoo" in our back yard.  Since the squirrel babies left their nest it has been fascinating outside.  They are checking out the yard, the trees, and that strange door where edible stuff comes from. 

Ned's friend Jon, who has a farm, brought by a big bag of sunflower seeds.

When Stud came by for peanuts I tossed out a handful of sunflower seeds instead.  He loved them, though the birds don't seem interested in the seeds at all.

Stud completely cleaned up all the seeds and later Dancer (the babies' mom) came by and she also cleaned up the seeds I tossed out.  I think I ended up tossing out four handfuls of seeds.  It takes a long time for them to clean up each of those tiny seeds. Then one of the babies spied the pumpkin we bought for them.  None of the squirrels have seemed interested in the pumpkin and Stud actually has seemed afraid of it.  But this baby started to investigate it and next thing his head was down the pumpkin.  He spent thirty minutes eating pumpkin.

First thing this morning he was back at the pumpkin.  Marta was fixing squash for dinner tonight and took the seed part of the squash and stuck it in the pumpkin.  The squirrel came over, sniffed it and then grabbed a big piece of it to take off to eat.  Then a bird came down and took another big piece out of the pumpkin and was eating it as well.

With the new babies and the new food that the squirrels and birds are learning they like, it's been a busy day keeping them fed and just watching their antics because they are so funny.  At least I didn't have to clean up several hundreds of pounds of squirrel poop.


I did NOT take this picture!

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