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October 16, 2020

I received a letter yesterday from a woman who listed 31 thoughts she had about Halloween.  She loves the holiday and obviously over her lifetime has had a lot of happy memories of costumes, trick-or-treating, parties, decorating her house and all sorts of fun things about Halloween. 

My thoughts about Halloween aren't quite as joyous as hers:

1. In truth, Halloween is not my favorite holiday. It was fun when I had small children, but then I always had the problem of how to dole out the candy Ė how much they could have, how often they could have it, etc.

2. After the kids left home and we had an empty nest we had two dogs and trying to answer the door for trick or treaters it was such a pain to keep the dogs from trying to run out, we just kept our lights off and didnít participate at all.

3. Going back to my own childhood, growing up in San Francisco, in a neighborhood which was mostly apartment buildings, trick or treating wasnít much fun because there were very few people to contact.

4. The best part of Halloween was Swensenís Ice Cream. Itís now a chain, but when I was young Earl Swensen only had one store, a block from my house, and anybody who came into the store in costume got a free ice cream cone (either pumpkin or licorice)

5. I think I was a princess in this picture (Iím circled). Princess was probably my favorite costume, The only other costume I can remember was when Walt and I were newly married. We went to a party and went as two friends Ė one of the was a large guy and the other was a blonde Ukrainian guy. I donít know how accurate we were but it was a successful costume.

6. My father created a Halloween party for me one year. He made all sorts of characters, and games and everyone had a great time. Apparently I never thanked him enough because even when I was an adult he would remind me that he did all that work and I didnít think him enough.

7. I didnít really make costumes for my kids. I donít sew and they liked the cheap costumes you could buy at the local store. The year that our #4 child was a toddler, everybody was a super hero and Tom was "Diaper man." People liked that one. But I always felt useless when the kidsí schools had Halloween parades and I saw the fancy home made costumes.

8. We never decorated the house until our kids were older and did the decorating. Ned created a great haunted house one year.

9. Ned and his friend Greg did a wonderful haunted house at Gregís house several years that we loved. Ned spent several days working on it and it was very popular here in town.

10 We always went and chose pumpkins and carved them. Probably the most "Halloween thing" that we ever did.

11. My favorite Halloween related thing was making pumpkin pies after the holiday. Char and I cut up our pumpkins and cooked them. I made pie crust and she made the filling and we made our pies. One year we made 32 piesóand neither of us had a freezer, so we just gave them away to neighbors.

12. But the best thing about the pies is that the year we made 32 pies, Char said "I feel so silly, Iíll let you throw a pie in my face." We got people together, and someone to take a video, and I did. It was great fun and the dog loved to eat the pie. The next year, she threw a pie in my face. The following year, our 10 kids insisted they wanted to throw pies at each other, so we made 10 small pies ... actually maybe it was 9, because maybe the 10th kid wasnít born yet. Our youngest was about 10 months old. We took all the kids out on the front lawn and gave each of them a pie. They had a great time and the movie was such fun.





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