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October 6, 2020

"Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!"

If anything the president has made things worse.  When he developed COVID-19, I thought maybe, finally, he will understand what a terrible disease this is.  But instead he's bragging that it's nothing and he's acting as if it's not serious, though he is taking very serious drugs.  He also says  that Biden (whom he has laughed at for wearing masks) can no longer talk about COVID because he (Biden) doesn't know anything about the disease and Trump has gone through "COVID School:" and now "knows everything about it."

210,000+ people have died from this "no big deal" disease and we have a higher number of sick people than any other country in the world and every day we hear of more of Trump's staff have come down with the disease.

Thousands gathered both in person and virtually on Sunday afternoon to mourn the more than 200,000 lives lost in the U.S. from COVID-19.

Twenty thousand empty chairs were set up on the Ellipse south of the White House, with each one representing roughly 10 people who have died from the coronavirus. 

Covid-19 is NOT "no big deal."

The president left the hospital by helicopter and returned to the White House, to continue his treatment there, despite mysteries about exactly the extent of his health and his doctors stating that he's not "out of the woods" yet.

He walked out of the helicopter and up the steps to the White House, obviously struggling with breath when he reached the top of the steps.  The first thing he did was to remove his mask, though he is still contagious. 

The drugs Trump is receiving, and some of the details revealed by Trump's medical team, suggest that the president has a moderate to severe case of Covid-19.

Trump has received two experimental drugs, care that many of the millions of Americans infected with the virus likely would not have had access to, as well as one steroid generally reserved for patients with severe or critical coronavirus cases, but his medical team would not answer questions about many parts of his illness, stating HIPPA restrictions for revealing patient information, so we have no idea of how sick he really is.

He put his mask in his pocket and did not take it out again, while he posed for photos and made a video again talking about how COVID is no big deal.

Then he entered the White House, with all sorts of people in the lobby and no mask on the contagious president.

He has had nothing to say about the 10+ people who have tested positive following three events he hosted knowing he had been exposed to Hope Hicks, who had tested positive.  People like Chris Christie and Kelly Ann Conway.  (I wonder if he would have mentioned it if Ivanka had tested positive,)

On hearing that he was leaving the hospital, Pelosi said, ""He has to remember, though, that his words weigh a ton. If he is acting frivolously with this virus — as he has been all along — this is dangerous for the American people. He should not be dealing with it politically, to make it seem that he has overcome the virus."  

Now the White House has blocked new Food and Drug Administration guidelines on bringing potential vaccines for COVID-19 to market that would almost certainly have prevented their introduction before the Nov. 3 election, so that vaccine can be released before they know for sure that it is not dangerous and has no side effects.

 Watching all of the activities around his attempt to make people feel comfortable with the virus, knowing how deadly it is, has made me nauseous. 



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