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October 1, 2020

I can't believe it is October already.  The months have passed so quickly, it seems, since I self-isolated.  The days are the same, with writing, watching TV, reading, cooking, watching TV, writing, and trying to sleep.

The first of the month is my busy day because it's on that day that I redesign Funny the World for the next month and do lots of moving of files and saving of files so I can start out the new month fresh.

I chose this puzzle design for this month because I'm still dealing with the puzzle order fiasco with the company in China.  About 8 days ago, I answered their last letter and just said I was very happy to get a $10 discount.  I decided that asking if I could use it as a discount on a new puzzle was entirely too complicated.  But I did ask how I could order a new puzzle so I could use my discount.  But that may have been beyond their comprehension because I'm still waiting to hear back.

There are a few companies that sell puzzles through Facebook and I would like to warn people about the difficulty with this company, but I don't even know the name of the company.  The mail comes from alrhfv.xyz.  I've pretty much given up, so now it's just a game of seeing what I can find, if ever, about this order.

I had a call from my friend Olivia in Seattle to rehash the debate last night.  Lots of sighing and groaning.

I also wrote letters to several people, asking them to be sure to vote.  This is through a group called "Vote Forward."  The letters are to be sent in October and I'm glad I didn't write them until today because I was able to include something about the debate.  The letters are not for any specific candidate, but I said that the debate made it clear that the country would go different ways depending on which man was elected and they needed to make their preference known.

And I wrote to my mother.  I haven't sent her anything since her birthday so I sent her a short letter with my picture on it so maybe she will realize who it is.

Another new thing I discovered is that I can get YouTube videos on our TV, so I found a Paul Hollywood video on baking in Cyprus, which was as interesting as the video I saw from Iceland.  I will be watching more of these over the weeks to come.

Around 3 our friend Jessica showed up with dinner.  Ned checked with her before they left for Lake Tahoe, to ask if she would make us a couple of dinners.  He said he realized I hadn't cooked 7 dinners in a week since they moved in a year ago and didn't want to tax me. I was touched that he thought to ask her.

Jessica showed up with this:

This is beef stew, biscuits, salad, grapes and....love you, Jessica!... See's candy for dessert.  She said she felt there would be enough for leftovers.  heck, from the size of this bowl, the stew will probably last us until Ned and Marta get home!  It was so difficult not to hug her!  Damn this virus!

I also finally sent a donation to Biden.  I hear from his people at least 3 times day.  Just send a dollar...two dollars...five dollars...now it's twelve dollars.  The latest notice promised they would not ask for money again before the election, which seemed a small price to pay to end the daily money letters.  Since I made my contribution I have received at least three more letters about making it monthly, setting up a permanent account to make it easier to donate and how to change the amount I donated if I wanted to donate more.

One more month...one more month...one more month.

So the day is coming to an end and it's time to decide which I will watch on TV tonight before trying to get to sleep.

Rinse, dry, repeat.




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