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November 24, 2020

I saw this on someone's Facebook page tonight and thought it was a great sign. 

I'm glad to know that Emily Murphy, the GSA lady who has been refusing to admit that Biden won the election has finally approved the transition process so the incoming president can get security briefings and learn what he needs to know before taking office.  Ridiculous that it took her so long to do what should have been done weeks ago.

And isn't it wonderful to hear Biden's first picks for his cabinet ... people who are actually experts in the jobs that they are being appointed to do? Doesn't it give you a feeling of calm  thinking that if we can just hold on for another month+ life will start to return to something like normal.

I have been writing a lot of letters this week.  I've lost count of how many, but lots.  My mailman must hate me because of the number of envelopes I leave for him to pick up each day.

The interesting thing about so many letters to answer is that almost all of them spend a good portion of their message talking about the election and the mess in Washington and how eager they are to see #45 out of the White House.

So I have been sharing a lot of my own feelings too and made a big mistake writing to a woman who says, in response, that she never talks about politics in her letters, but since I mentioned it she had things to tell me...and then went on at great length (a full typed page) about the hoax that Biden won, letting me know all scandal I would be hearing about soon.  I checked her stuff on Snopes, and all of her accusations were false.  But I think she's the first person I have had  this kind of interchange with.

I wrote back and told her that I hoped that our correspondence would continue because she is an otherwise fun person to exchange letters with (I didn't say it that way) but that I thought we should agree not to mention politics.  I wanted to send her a Snopes link, but figured that would be mentioning politics, so I didn't say anything other than that I would not write anything about politics.

In a way I'm sorry that I won't be talking about politics with her.  Throughout the campaign, I have asked people to let me know what it is that they like about #45 and nobody will give me an answer. They will tell me why they don't like Biden but nobody yet has told me what they like about #45.  But he's on the way out and I don't need to know any more.  After January (or possibly sooner, since he seems to have gone into hiding) I won't ever have to listen to his voice or see his face ever, ever again.

We are two days from Thanksgiving and any politician or talking head on TV is reminding us all to stay at home and not to have big family celebrations, to stay at safe distances and to wear our masks.

Saturday is my "food" day.  It's the day I watch a morning of Food Network shows -- Valerie's Home Cooking, The Kitchen, The Pioneer Woman, and Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

I was amused to see that while the talking heads are talking about small celebrations, all of these shows (which are re-runs from previous years) loaded up on big servings of lots of Thanksgiving foods and served them to big tables filled with family and friends.

The Kitchen cooked a maple/sage roasted turkey, Hawaiian sweet roll stuffing and sweet potato hummus. 

The Pioneer Woman added gravy, sprouts and onions, spiked cranberry sauce and herb butter dinner rolls, with a chocolate marshmallow pumpkin pie. 

Valerie made cinnamon-raisin bread stuffing (which sounds SO good I might have to make it some night other than Thanksgiving), cranberry pomegranate crumb bars, and the one thing I might actually make, if not on Thanksgiving some other night--cook mushrooms in olive oil and butter, then top with spinach leaves until  they wilt, and drizzle with balsamic vinegar.  Doesn't that sound good?

Trisha made an orange maple glazed turkey, slow cooker acorn squash, roasted chestnut apple stuffing, spice cake with lemon sauce and champagne.

Giada di Laurentis also had a Thanksgiving program, but I don't watch her any more.  But I'm sure it was delicious.

By the time the morning food programs had ended, I felt as if I had gained 10 lbs and was ready to cook for dozens of people, but I'm just cooking for the four of us and Ned has arranged a Zoom call for us so we can connect with the rest of the family.

The news this morning shows airports filled with people traveling home to spend Thanksgiving with family, and reports from people who are so happy to be seeing grandma and grandpa again.  Some of my pen pal letters contain the same tales of people reuniting for Thanksgiving, except for one letter where a daughter came home from college, unwittingly bringing the coronavirus with her.  Her mother and grandmother got it and the grandmother died. 

Is it that terrible to skip one holiday? Sure I'd like to see Jeri and Tom, the grandkids and my mother, but I certainly am not going to risk any of us (including me) for some reason getting sick.  I'll celebrate Thanksgiving with all of these delicious Food Network ideas next year.

I hope.

Speaking of my mother, maybe a reader here will have an idea for us.  Social Security has noticed that she is 101 years old and they are assuming she is dead.  To continue sending her SS checks, they need proof of her being alive, which means a current ID, which she does not have.  All of her IDs are outdated.  Who needs an ID in an Alzheimers facility? With the virus such a danger to her I certainly don't want to take her anywhere to get an ID and I don't have a clue how you do it without her leaving the house.  Anybody know how that can be done?



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