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November 20, 2020

This question was on Facebook today:

Established in 1949, the House of Prime Rib located at 1906 Van Ness Avenue [in San Francisco] is still hanging in there today, offering take out service during these unprecedented times.
Any good memories from a visit to this San Francisco dining institution?

...along with this photo

We didn't go out to a "good" restaurant often, but my father loved to go to the Prime Rib.  This was his favorite dinner, and why I love rare beef in any form.

We usually went with my grandparents.  My grandmother was very prim and proper.  There was no way she would admit to a waiter that she wanted to take her leftover meat home so she could have it for lunch the next day.  This is before restaurants had doggie bags and if you didn't finish your food you just sent the uneaten food back.

Thinking she was smart, my grandmother asked if she could have a bag so she could take her uneaten meat home to her dog (which she didn't have).

When they returned, they had a big bag into which they had collected all the leftovers from everyone in the restaurant.

Another fun restaurant experience we had was a place we went to when Walt and I were dating.  We had several courses, starting with a big antipasto plate and then lots of sourdough bread, then our main meal and finally dessert.

My father was in great spirits that night and laughed a lot with the waiter and kept asking for doggie bags for each course.

When dinner was over, he asked the waiter if there was someone who could carry all of his bags out to the car for him.

We laughed so much that night.  It's wonderful to remember the fun times with my father, since I have so many memories  that aren't fun.

I am almost finished watching Season 4 of The Crown and I've decided that I don't like the royals very much, especially Andrew who is self-centered and whining when the newspapers aren't giving him enough publicity for his upcoming wedding. 

I've decided that you need to be British to understand the whole monarchy thing.


It is amazing that they worked so hard to duplicate Diana's wedding dress...
and they never show it in the show!!!  You only see it from the back.


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